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Looking for Kalki Avtaar

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listen everyone!! U dont need a person to do miracles and make u happy..its in YOUR hands, YOU can read the gita, and make it a part of ur life, and realise urself, u need a guru for that, and kalki does not fit that cateogry cuz he doesnt know what hes talking about..

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Accordig to Hindu mythology Kalki avtar will appear at the end of Kalyug.

most of still believe that this is not 'kalyug end' which is absolutely incorrect. what has to be kept in mind is 'god, bhagwan .... by whatever name he is called doesnot belong to any one community, he is for everyone. he has to keep his words spoken through his avtaars, gurus, paigambars.

This is the kalyug end when kAlki avtar had to appear. ques that arises is how can this be the kalyug end when only 5000 odd years have passed whereas kalyug's entire lenght is exactly 4,32,000 yrs according to the holy vedas ?

answer to this is in the line i have written above in the bigger font.

whatever is written in any holy book is never clear or simple, it is always indicative, one has to understand what actually is and what is the underline meaning of it. for instance ------ time alloted to Prophet Mohammad was 1400yrs 0r 'as koran says it 'sadi chaudvi' i.e 14th century' has almost come to an end which clearly marks the end of kalyug. but then why holy vedas say the kalyug to be of such a long period of time? well whatever is written is correct, what has to be kept in mind is that vedas were written way before the other holy books were written.


the ans to the ques that what about the rest of the kalyug period is to be found out looking inside the sikh mythology.

THE TEHTH GURU OF SIKHS - GURU GOBIND SINGH had 4 sons and name of his father was who was the NINTH GURU - GURU TEG BAHADUR JI.

GURU TEG BAHADUR JI WAS killed by aurangzeb in delhi - chandni chowk. and GURU GOBIND SINGH JI'S 2 SONs got killed while fighting for hindus against muslims and the other two were killed by aurangzeb by getting them

placed inside a small room as big as the two children, thus suffocating them to death. these two instances were amongst the most tragic incidents in history, therefore the life of kalyug was reduced by the almighty as ---

25000 yrs for the matyrdom of GURU TEG BAHADUR JI and 100000 yrs each for one child of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI. THUS IF we add the years they come out to be 425000 yrs and then if wew add 5000 yrs already gone by the total comes out to be 430000 yrs. thus what remain is 2000 yrs. when we compare 2000 yrs to the entire period of 432000 yrs, we can call this as the 'kalyug end'.


now the question is where to look for Kalki Avtaar ? what holy vedas say is that he will appear in SAMBAL NAGAR which is in uttar pradesh. but we all simply take the meaning of SAMBAL NAGAR as a place in U.P. this is another blunder we commit . the meaning of the word 'SAMBALNAGAR' is not simple rather it is symbolic of something.


SAMBAL MEANS 'a place created by god himself where he would dwell on earth, and it is not a city where he lives, it is a body in which he dwells when he comes on earth. it is a special body which is created by himself which appears to be like ours but is different.

therefore he is not to be found anywhere in u.p .


but then the question still remains where to look for KALKI avtaar ?

ans to this question can be found out in the 2nd PURANA - THE SIKAND PURANA which mentions the place of his coming.


and if u get to read the literature of rishi vedvyas then u will come to know the mantra/name/slogan that he would give to this world like SRI RAM gave the mantra of JAI SIYA RAM to the world.


if u still cant find him u or u have any other query u can mail me at gunit17171@hotmail.com.

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Namaste Coyoteji,


On the evening of the 6th day, we were to do a sweat lodge (temazcal). It was my first experience of being in a temazcal. When we stepped out of the temazcal, we were asked to lie down on the ground & hug mother earth. When I was doing so, I felt a heart beat on my palms. I didn’t know what was happening & wondered if I was feeling my own heartbeat on my palms !!!! I asked Bhagavan to give me a sign if what I was experiencing was really true & I changed my position on the ground. I didn’t feel anything on my palms for a while, then again I could feel a heartbeat on my palm. It was then than I realized that it was the heartbeat of mother earth. Believe me, if I hadn’t experienced it, I don’t know how much I would have believed it if anyone had told me about it. I didn’t know what it meant & shared my experience with everyone in the group.

On returning home, when I was sharing the heartbeat experience of mother earth with my friend’s mom in India, she told me that she had heard that if one experiences the heart beat of mother earth, it symbolizes the attainment of mukti. I haven’t heard of any other explanations for these experiences that I had. If anyone could offer some insights, they are welcome.

I would like to add that the above mentioned experiences are what I experienced. Anyone could debate regarding the authenticity of the experience. As Bhagavan says, “Experience things & it would become YOUR truth”.

I don't mean to debate on your experience, but the heart beat was not mother earth, it was your own blood you "felt" flowing in your palms. Try to concentrate on any other body part, and after a while you'll feel the beat on that area. That however is the very first level of meditation.

That blood is already there, but you feel it when you concentrate.

Put your palms together as if holding air, and keep it that way for a while. After a while you'll feel the beat again (although you are not hugging mother earth this time).

You can also experience the same by just touching the tips of your fingers (tip of thumb to tip of index finger, and a little concentration)

"Mukti" cannot be achieved by listening to something, it is instead a thing to "know". Thoughts/idea of being a body, and not a soul is the state of entrapment. When you "know" that you are not just a body, but a soul, you have attained Mukti. Even if you keep thinking that "I am a soul" is not mukti. You need to know it.

The very best thing about God and mukti and religion is that you already have the power to find them yourself. This is how each and every saint has done it. They used the power they had within to know GOD.

Use the vedas, writtings/findings of saints as guidelines and walk the road yourself.

Also do not try to find mukti, or anything else. Concentrate on finding (actually "knowing") GOD. Once you know him, everything else is automatically attained.

You do not have to find god cause he's already everywhere. You can only try to know him.


Trust me, you don't want to wait for Kalki. By then it'll be too late, and he'll just be here to kill.

The purpose of kalki incarnation is not to kill, but to protect the righteous.

You need not entertain claims of being kalki incarnations as He is also not on a hunt to find followers.

Kalki is not his name but something that governs/tells the priority of emotions in him. Anger against wrong, and kindness for righteous. He is more kind than angry (although very angry, but even more kind).

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone here.


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