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The arrival of khalki

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Path leading to hell is very easy anyone can go there,not at all difficult.Those going back home back to Godhead are constantly engaged in purifying themselves.Before entering spiritual world we must become God like.




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Dharma, when Vedas are present, why should one follow something not Vedic ?


The changes to DNA mentioned by Kalki are measureable. Has any one done that ? On what basis do you believe that ? `

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It most definately is Vedic-an ancient tradition of enlightenment. There was deep understanding of what happens when point of awareness & kundalini meet in upper chakras it has a profound biological effect. There is a sensation of the brains boiling at times. The skull makes popping and cracking sounds. In some instances the skull changes shape to some degree. Perhaps in Vedic times they did not call it DNA, but the effect was the same.


I do not know about the tests. Quite probably as some of the monastic order are scientists. It would be interesting to find out. Did measure one man's face daily during a mukti yajna there and his eyes moved from the center of the face a little over a 1/4 of an inch.


The saints & sages of India proved to the Bristish that all aspects of Hinduism were geared to mukti. It is merely bringing that ancient natural state back to man. It is an "experience for yourself dharma" in Vedic tradition. In that respect it is only personal discovery that annihilates ignorance (belief) and while surely it is a blessing to believe. At one point or another in one's evolution it must become one's own person experience or discovery.


I owe an apology, when I first entered this board I misunderstood & thought it was an Indian Mysticism site but am seeing that it is more a board for devotees of Krishna. I would not have posted about this subject had I have known and meant no offense.


Still some of this is confusing to me. If I were a devotee of Krishna or Buddha and there was even a rumor of an incarnation of my Lord(it is understood that according to Pauranic tradition Krishna, Buddha & Kalki are avatars of Vishnu)I would want to discover for myself if this was or was not so. One way or another I would have to know. Heresay & speculation would not suffice.


Yet there is alot of speculation and condemnation from people who have only heard the name Kalki once or twice. Impossible many would say-That's in the future. "Impossible now" seems to be the mind set and it is this thought process that is keeping many from liberation. Most religion is geared around no stop "becoming" or "pie in the sky." Enlightenment surely annihilate belief and religion. It is quite obvious that both the Christ and the Buddha, both concerned with liberation of man transcended belief. Unfortutately a whole new bevy of concepts arose to make further use of man. "Someday I will go to heaven. Someday I will not hate my realtives, someday I will be compassionate. Someday I will be rich." Someday I will be enlightened. But not today. Just someday." Even the past-the non stop quoting of scriptures and reading and living through experiences of others such as a few sages and mystics is preferable to the present it seems. Definatey it is blessed to believe. Even necessary as a first step. But at some point it must become one's own experience or discovery. When will that be? Someday?


We are so conditioned by this "someday" when someone opens the door to the cage it is deemed an illusion! Impossible! Maybe. But then again maybe not. Enlightenment is possible here and now. There are many paths.


It just seems like we are rolling kind of high here going on heresay and judgements and not relying on personal discovery.


What I will say is Kalki Bhagavan can give enlightenment experiences and in some instances full enlightenment right now. For those who would only bother to speculate or condemn (my feeling is that you are rolling kind of high here-what if you are wrong?) I suppose the proof of the pudding is the pudding. Time will indeed tell. The divine mission in part of the Kalki Avatar-a later incarnation of Krishna-is to close the Iron Age and usher in the Golden as well as liberate all of mankind from suffering. ACcording to the mahavakyas of Kalki at the end of that 10,000 year period there will no longer be human consciousness but Divine consciousness. This can be read on many levels. So if masses become enlightened at the rate they are going-the count escalates every year-then perhaps he is the sampoorna avatar. If masses are not enlightened then it is very much like the man walking the beach throwing suffering starfish back into the sea. The number or starfish he is liberating has little impact on starfish as a species. But to each starfish it is the world of utmost impact.


Here's a recent article.




Extract from Krupa Darshan (Magazine)

December 2001


These are excerpts taken from Purushottama Kalki Bhagavan directly speaking to HIS devotees at the concluding sessions of various Ananda Yagnas. One can experience and live HIS Supreme Love and extreme concern for man in all their variety in these conversations.


Answers given by Sri Kalki Bhagavan in the various yagnas have liberated many a soul from the torments of human suffering and has given them a newer meaning and a purpose for their existence on this planet.


Hence, it is my sincere and heartfelt wish to all the readers to go through these columns with utmost devotion and humility, for it is my personal conviction and faith that these few divine lines coming from the mouth of the Supreme Avathara shall take you into the depths of Love and Compassion.


I have done my best to bring down these lively divine conversations verbatim and I present these to all the suffering millions.


- Pujya Sri Akshayamati Bhagavad Dasaji




Bhagavan, how is Mukti different from Moksha? Bhagavan, will all the devotees who have attended Moksha Yagna attain Moksha?


Sri Kalki Bhagavan :


Mukti and Moksha are very different. Mukti is a happening while you are alive on this earth, i.e., "experiencing the reality as it is". Right now, you have no idea as to what reality is. You have no idea how the fan looks like. The way you are looking is different from the way an enlightened person looks. In his looking, there is such joy in just looking at the fan. Every sensory experience is joy. Whereas you say, "Oh! It is only a horrible little fan". Your mind is continuously commenting.


Moksha is attained after death. It is basically liberation from the cycle of births and deaths. When you attain Moksha, you get entry into Satyaloka and you can choose to incarnate in any loka you want to. Attaining Moksha does not depend on your karma or any specific agreement. After death, your life is reviewed and as it is reviewed, if you say, 'I don't want to go back: I want to stay in Satyaloka; they can't say 'no'. This is the secret. Once you ask, nobody can be rejected in Satyaloka. You have to be taken in. You have full freedom to incarnate or not to incarnate. But strangely, most of the people want to come back because of attachment, unfulfilled desires or because they are not able to forgive themselves and want to come back for learning.


But the devotees who have attended the Moksha Yagna will not come back. Because, the dialogue which they had with Me i.e. asking for Moksha will be shown to them along with the life review.


As they see, they would remember they sought moksha and that I blessed them with it.


They simply have to say we want to stay back and they are granted moksha. In a way, they are blessed because even if the forget due to their attachments or strong desires, the moment they see the life review they will be reminded of the Darshan they had and that they have to ask for Moksha.


Devotee :


Padapranams Bhagavan. Bhagavan, people say nothing is perfect! Does this apply to the creation of the Universe also?


Sri Kalki Bhagavan :


It all depends upon how you view things. You can say a glass is half full or half empty. You can either say nothing is perfect or you can say everything is perfect. So, through this Yagna, when you really know what it is to SEE, everything will be perfect for you. Perfection or imperfection is only in your thought. As long as thought is controlling your life, there will be opposites - perfect and imperfect, good and bad, right and wrong. Because, thought itself is divisive in nature.


The structure of thought is to compare. Without comparison, there cannot be thought at all. Your mind is unable to let go off thought, and thought is only memory and if you study the nature of memory, you'll find, it is not only association but comparison also is involved. It always postulates the opposites.


So, in thought, the trouble is that the opposites always exist. Only when you transcend thought will you be able to experience everything as it is. That is what this yagna (Mukti or Ananda Yagna) is all about. As you go deep into the yagna, possibly many of you will get into these states. Then, you use thought when necessary. Otherwise there is no thought. When thought is not required there is no division and hence no conflict. There is just direct perception. Then everything is fine as it is.




Bhagavan, many people ask for so many boons and Amma and Bhagavan fulfill them with compassion. How do you make it happen?



Sri Kalki Bhagavan :


It is not really very difficult for Me to grant a boon to you. Suppose you want a car, all that I do is picturise a car. That is it. But the problem is, you have to be in a certain condition to receive it.


The first thing is Helplessness. Unfortunately, most of you are not in a state of helplessness. Somewhere you feel "Okay, I can do it myself". You have to be very clear that wherever you can do things yourself, I will not intervene. Suppose you have a headache. You can go to a shop, buy a tablet and get well. I will not help. But say, there is nobody to treat you, then I'll do the healing. My grace can come in many ways. Sometimes, I will give you money to go to the doctor. At other times, you may have to go in for a surgery and I will be there giving you Grace. I can also cure you simply without any treatment whatsoever.


If you can do it for yourself, why should I help you? But there are situations where you have to be helped. But you people don't give up so easily. You pray to Me, but secretly you have your plans. You are desperate rather than being Helpless. You keep worrying, thinking how will it be solved? Will it be solved? What should you do? Can Bhagavan do it? If yes, how will He give Grace and will Bhagavan shower me with Grace? So many thoughts cloud your mind. You are continuously talking to yourself and are tensed even though you are standing in front of Me or are remembering Me. You don't give up. Let us take an example. There is a devotee in Madras. He wanted 10,000 rupees very urgently and there was absolutely no way through which he could get the money. He said, "Bhagavan, I leave it to you. If you want to help, you help me; otherwise I am finished. But I am ready for anything. It is up to you now." He made no effort except surrender, for all his efforts were over.


Now there was another devotee in Besant Nagar (Chennai) who does not know him. In his dream, I told him about the devotee who wanted the money (with name and address), and asked this devotee to send the money. This person made out a demand draft and sent it to the address. Now I could help him because he completely depended on Me. However, when people don't surrender, I cannot help. Remember, surrender does not mean that you must become my servant. It means putting aside your mind, which is the basic nuisance. It is an internal process. When you can helplessly give up, it is not difficult for me to shower you with Grace.


The other thing is whatever you want must come from your Heart. That is, let us say, you like to have a nice car because you enjoy going in it. I will immediately grant you your wish. But, if you desire for a car because your friend has it, or you want to show off, then I'm not going to help you. You better work hard and buy one for yourself. So you have to check whether your Heart wants it or is it your Mind craving for the same.


Many years ago, a child wanting to be doctor went to an interview for a medical seat but he was rejected. This was his passion from childhood. And unfortunately, though he did get good marks in the qualifying examinations, he was not selected. So, he and his father were returning home by train. The person sitting opposite to them enquired about the boy as he was very dull. When the father told him the reason, he said, "Don't worry, you will be a doctor". The father and son thought that he was just consoling them. A few days later, when they went for the interview, the interviewer was the person whom they had seen in the train. He gave the boy the seat and the boy later became the Dean of The Stanley Medical Hospital in Chennai. He was a very famous doctor. So, the desire of the heart brought that man in the train and he got the seat. This doctor was so grateful to God that he served the people throughout his life.


So, I will give Grace to people who want something from their Heart. Grace cannot come if you want something out of comparison, envy, greed, etc.







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can u give refference num and which sloka it has given that about buddha and lord chaitanya and lord kalki.

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I certainly respect your beliefs and those of the saint called "Kalki Bhagavan". However, I make no apologies in stating that he is most certainly not the same Kalki mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam. This I am most certain.

Y ?

Simply the dates. Lord Kalki is said to appear at the end of this age of Kali Yuga, which in total is documented to last 432 000 years. I do not mean to offend any individuals who believe that this saint is in fact the same Kalki mentioned in the scriptures, but I will be so bold as to say, I do not think so.


Please accept my humble obeisances.

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