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Forgive me LOvEfull Vaisnavas !

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excuse me.

I have been entagling much my self out of fancy topics..


I recognise my fault and to the feet of the vaishnavas i shall beg pardon.


i have been comiting aparadhas-- so i humbly request to the forum readders and mercifulll vaisnavas to forgive my fault to forgive my offences... to the feet of the vedanta philosofy, to the feets of Guru maharaja.. to the lotus feet of the ABsolut truth that cleanses all;


-- Then Parik§it Mahäraja described how Närada, from his own experience, showed the glories of

Bhagavän by revealing the glories of His dhama and the glories of His eternal associates.. "


--Bhagavan and the sastra. !!


Plz, forgive Me cos i have not known what me be doing.

I shall beg pardon to the lotus feeet of Guru maharaja, i have yet loose time tuVbling arrownd the vedanta and speculating about the sastras.. But As he has said everything is as it has to be, and that so being lickin the honny.bottle from an exterior have make of me a dull headded, as if it was notknown that for drinkin a most excelent wine one has to de-corch it bottle then the honny is requested to be drinked from my revealed Guru hand and i have become a sinner out of tryin to benefit my self out of a closen bottle.. Srila has apeared to opend it, and now is the time when i see it.


Plz, to the guide of the vaisnavas, to the mercyfull devoteees of the ultimate absolut truth Supreme GodHead Bhagavan Sri Krsna i shall beg pardon at His lottus feet, because of the face that ignorance has taken over me i shall not put my drishti onto yours, am an offender.


I continue to beg pardon from my offences, Really that was not my sincere intention behind my dull acts.


hare krsna !


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