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Thanks for telling me what I actually mean, in future I will be sure to consult you to find out what I am thinking.


You should realise that in writing there are many different styles. Sometimes the word YOU can be used to mean a single specific person for example


"You go to the supermarket while I stay home"


or it can be used in a general statement referring to all people. For example, someone dies and one person remarks:


"It really makes you think about how short life is"


Does it mean that he is saying it makes the person he is talking to think?? Of course not. Please take some time and actually understand what is being said before you reply.


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well, I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE because I am the silly one that wrote the reply of above.

I wrote that after reading only the question and the first reply and I MISSED ALL THE REST...

Please, can you forgive me?.

I am very embarrased.


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Kc is not just bookish knowledge. it is experienced as well.When devotees try to tell others that this is it the right way it doesn't mean they r fanatics. they r saying it bcos they've neva xperienced anything like that before.. and they want u to exprerince it. that's all. i do agree that fanatics do exist.but then no one is perfect so....

Hare Krishna

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Babji is supposed to be the 'Kalpa avatar' of Lord Krishna who is consequently also supposed to be Govindapada, the guru of Shankara. Sometimes Yogananda refers to him as "Babaji Krishna" He works in the background serves the purpose of educating the and purifying the monks at the highest level. It was he that told Lahiri Mahasaya to send Yogananda to the west to unite hinduism and christianity. It is said that he is at least 2500 years old and that he made a promise to his sister Mataji that he would never cast off his body.


Any references from sastras on Sri Babaji being Kalpa avatara?



Well, Sri Babaji has been seen by some devotees as manifestation of Sadasiva and Sri Krsna.


Take a look at His website at:



and personal experiences of His disciples and devotees:

- Sri Babaji manifestation of Sri Krsna: http://www.sribabaji.org/portal/article.php?story=mahendra

- Sri Babaji and Sadashiva: http://www.sribabaji.org/portal/article.php?story=sadasiva

- Sri Sri Sitaram Das Omkaranathji Meets Sri Babaji: http://www.sribabaji.org/portal/article.php?story=sitaram_das

- Sri Babaji is Lord Siva: http://www.sribabaji.org/portal/article.php?story=lama_baba

- Sri babaji hints about His identity: http://www.sribabaji.org/portal/article.php?story=anadi


Bhole Baba ki JAI!!

Om namah Shivaya

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