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Description of Sri Modadrumadvipa and Rama-lila

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{got to read this devotees}:








Chapter Fourteen


By Bhaktivinoda Thakura



Description of Sri Modadrumadvipa and Rama-lila



All glories to Gaurahari, who has manifested Himself as the Panca-tattva! All glories to Navadvipa-dhama, the topmost abode!


Arriving at Mamagachi village, Nityananda explained to Jiva, "Here, in Modadrumadvipa is Ayodhya. In a previous kalpa, when Rama was banished to the forest, He came to this place with Laksmana and Janaki. He built a hut under a huge banyan tree here and lived happily for some time. Seeing the effulgence of Navadvipa, the son of Raghu began to slightly smile.


"How attractive was that form, green as new grass, with lotus eyes and a graceful bow in hand! Wearing the dress of a brahmacari and His head piled with matted locks, He stole the minds of all living entities. Seeing Rama smiling, Sita, the daughter of Janaka, asked Him the reason.


"`Listen, Sita, here is one very secret story. When the glorious age of Kali advents, I will display a yellow complexioned form here in Nadia. I will take birth in the womb of Saci in Jagannatha Misra's house. I will give all the fortunate souls who see My childhood pastimes the supreme gift of prema. At that time, I will enjoy My beloved educational pastimes and reveal the glories of the holy name. I will then take sannyasa and go to Puri, and My own mother will weep with My wife in her arms.'


"Hearing this, Sita asked, `O lotus-eyed one, why will You make Your mother cry? Why will You give up Your wife and take sannyasa? What happiness is there in giving sorrow to Your wife?'


"Sri Rama replied, `O dear one, you know everything. But you are acting ignorant just to teach the living entities. Listen Sita, My devotees relish prema-bhakti in two ways. In union with Me they enjoy sambhoga, and in separation from Me they enjoy vipralambha. My eternal associates desire sambhoga, but I mercifully give them vipralambha. The devotees know that distress due to separation from Me is actually the topmost bliss. After separation, when union occurs, they feel happiness so much greater than before-a million times multiplied. That is the explanation of how there can be happiness in separation. You should accept this mood which is described in the four Vedas.


"`She who is known as Aditi in the Vedas is now mother Kausalya and will become mother Saci in Gauranga's pastimes. And you, Sita, will serve Me as Visnupriya. In separation, you will worship My Deity and spread My glories. Separated from you, I will worship a golden Sita Deity in Ayodhya. But this topic is very confidential, Sita. Do not reveal this to the people now.


"`This Navadvipa is My dear place, even Ayodhya is not equal to it. When Kali-yuga comes, this huge banyan tree, Rama-vata, will disappear from vision and stay here in an unmanifest form.'


"In this way, Rama passed His time here with Laksmana and Sita. Later, He went to Dandakaranya to complete His activities. See here the place where His hut stood.


"By the desire of the Lord, Rama's friend Guhaka took birth here in a brahmana's family. His name was Sadananda Vipra Bhattacarya. He knew nothing in the three worlds except Rama. He was present in Jagannatha Misra's house when Gauranga was born. At that time all the demigods came to see the child. The exalted Sadananda realized by the demigods' presence that his Lord had taken birth. In great delight he returned home, and, while meditating on his worshipable Lord Ramacandra, he saw Gaurasundara.


"Lord Gauranga was seated on a throne and surrounded by the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma, who were waving camaras. Then Sadananda saw Ramacandra, green as grass. On Rama's right was Laksmana, the abode of Ananta. On His left was Sita, and in front was Hanuman. Seeing this, the vipra understood the truth about the Lord.


"The vipra went to Mayapur in great ecstasy, and, unseen by anyone, he feasted his eyes on the form of Gauranga. `Blessed am I, blessed indeed! Ramacandra is present before me as Gauracandra!' Later, when the sankirtana movement started, Sadananda took part by dancing and chanting the name of Gaura.


"O Jiva, here the pure devotees see the Bhandira forest."


Hearing the topics and seeing the places in the eternal dhama, the devotees surrounded Nityananda and danced. Jiva's body displayed symptoms of ecstasy as he shouted the name of Gauranga.


That day Nityananda stayed in the house of Narayani. And Narayani, the pure chaste mother of Vedavyasa (Vrndavana Dasa Thakura), served the Vaisnavas. The next morning, after walking some distance, they entered Vaikunthapura.


To carry out the order of Jahnava and Nitai, this worthless wretch sings the glories of Nadia.






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