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Jaya Jai Lord Jesus Christ

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Being a Vaishnava automatically makes you a follower of Lord Jesus Christ, since he was teaching bhakti. When Lord Jesus/Isha Ustad said that he is the only way and nothing cometh to the father except thru him was true for two reasons: first being that he was teaching bhakti (pure love for God); second is that during that time inspite of the many religious people pretending to be God's teachers (Pharisees/Suducees) only Lord Jesus was the bonafide spiritual teacher. So during his mission he was the only way. All the avatars that came---they only have one mission, Love for God. As I've said before, there is no competition in Brindaban. All its inhabitants has only one purpose--loving God in their different rasas. There is competion, good competition in the higher planets and amongst demigods but not in Brindaban and between the Lord pure devotees.

The only problem with [mostly] Lord Jesus followers was that His sampradaya (succession) was lost somehow along the way and most of it's followers today cannot correctly interpret his pure teachings because of this. Any christian could pick up a bible and without any teacher or spiritual master, starts to teach others and builts a church today. Thats why there are thousands of these christian branches that we see currently. The sad thing is that the same thing is happening in the vaishnava community today. Newbies picking up the Gita, trying to interprete it their own mental speculation or interpretation with some even preching but at the same time saying that they don't need a living spiritual teacher since they have Srila Prabhupad thru his book. These very adhikaris and bhaktas, without the guidance and the teaching of a living guru is dangerous, since it contradicts the very core of Srila Prabhupad's teaching of looking for one's spiritual teacher in their lifetime. Also as what Swami Tripurari had said, it endangers the whole process of the continuity of this practice, the very essence why vaishnvism is more potent than christianity today. Chastisement from a living guru is very important, as important as his interpretation of the scriptures since this molds a student or bramachari to the right path of pure devotion. For me only those initiated by Srila Bhativedanta Swami Prabhupad could do this thing--meaning preaching and interpreting the scriptures. And following the sampradaya tradition either accepts these newbies as their disciples or or at a certain stage refer them to a bonafide vaishnava acharya. Today even some of Srila Prabhupad's inititated devotees seek siksa or shelter from other living bonafide gurus. This is very important since this insures the survival of the sacred sampradaya tradition and as what Lord Krishna had said in the puranas, "there will always be a bonafide living guru at a given time" so one only needs to look for his/her(s).


"Seek and you shall find/knock and it shall be open unto you" ~Lord Jesus Christ~


Trying to practice my spiriutal life inspite of my unworthiness.



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