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Will I Be Blessed By Good Luck After My 7 years Of Ketu Mahadasha Ends

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Hello Everyone,

My age is 21 and i have been through the very difficult time for the past 6-7 years.. I have always been a very bright student since my childhood days.. Then i suddenly started loosing focus on my studies. Its definitely not that I am not willing to but its hard for me to concentrate.. Education is the only thing which got hugely affected and i am really depressed about that.. 

My Moon sign is pisces and ascendant is scorpio. An astrologer told me that the 7 years of ketu is gonna bring unluck. 

I will be really grateful if someone can tell me whether this too difficult period will end after my ketu dasha or not. I just want to get established in my career and become independent and for all these to happen my education must get completed quite well.

please tell me whether I will ever get chance to fulfil my dreams and complete my education properly.. 

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