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Hello everybody, 

I am trying to translate Kaușītakibrāhmaṇam, 15, 1. I am using the edition prepared by Lindner, B., 1887: Das Kaushîtaki Brâhmaṇa, I: Text, Jena, Hermann Costenoble. I have not been able yet to find the second volume, containing Lindner's translation, which could help me to improve my own tentative translation. The text I need to translate is on p. 65 of the PDF of the first volume, which can be downloaded from archive.org, but which is too heavy for attaching it to this message. Since it lacks interpunction signs, sometimes it is difficult to guess where a sentence ends, and where the following one begins. However, I think I can understand quite reasonably the first four lines of the text, and the fifth line until the word चरन्ति. Then the trouble begins:

तस्या उक्तं ब्राह्मणं भारद्वाज्या मध्यंदिने प्रसथितानां यजति

and it seems to me that the successive words integrate another sentence with full sense:

भरद्वाजो ह मध्यंदिन इन्द्राय सोमं प्रददौ.

But I cannot get any sense from तस्या उक्तं ब्राह्मणं भारद्वाज्या मध्यंदिने प्रसथितानां यजति. Since it has an only finite verb, यजति, it seems that those words form an only sentence, but there could be more than one sentence, for example, if some of those words form a nominal sentence. The subject of यजति could be  उक्तं ब्राह्मणं, which could be understood as "brahmanical word," but that makes almost no sense with यजति, which then remains without object; if we take उक्तं ब्राह्मणं as the object of यजति (which certainly seems to make better sense), then what is the subject of यजति? Any help will be welcome.

Thank you very much in advance for whatever answer.



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