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Guest VKK

Second Marriage Possibility

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Guest VKK

Respected Astrologers,

This is to seek your guidance for following. 

Sex : Female 
Date & time of Birth : 07 September 1975 - 10:30 am 
Place of birth : Rohtak, Haryana 
Description: Married to a very very abusive and orthodox husband right from starting. Physically tortured and disregarded. Moved to US after marriage. Has to leave husband's home there as she feared for life with two children. A son and daughter. Since then fighting ugly court battles with husband who moved back to India. Due to custody issues of children she eloped back to US with her children to avoid losing custody of children. This resulted in Non-Bailable Warrants against her. Her husband is very influential and NOT allowing her to take divorce also. She is stuck in US now. Though she has a good career there. She has done C.A. here and CFA there, and working in a very reputed financial Institution there. Due to her age and need for companionship she wants to have relationships again. 


1. When can she get free of her cases. 

2. MOST IMPORTANT CONCERN: Can she successfully have a fruitful marriage again which can last her old age. Unlike earlier, since last few days she is feeling greater need for a good companion. She is seeing a boy 8 years younger and is really concerned about durability of marriage and does not want to be heartbroken again. Because of placement of Rahu, Mars and Saturn and even Retrograde Jupiter and Retrograde Venus in her birth chart, a few astrologers have given caution for Ju-Ra and Ju-Ma period for a breakage again. 

She is currently trying relationship with a boy 8yrs younger and himself undergoing divorce. Western Sunsign Leo.

Please guide her. 

Thanks and Regards

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