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Guest Raj (naam to suna hoga)

Foreign Travel vs Residency

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Guest Raj (naam to suna hoga)

My ascendant is Capricorn. My chart is as below. My question is simple (Foreign Residency). According to my understanding, foreign travel and foreign residency both are different things.


2nd house: Ketu (south node)

4th house: Sun (exalted) + Mercury

6th house: Venus

8th house: Rahu (north node) + Saturn + Jupiter + Mars

11th house: Moon (Deblitated)


Exact Time: May 2, 1980. 01:02 AM. Yamunanagar.


I born in a middle poor family. I was typical poor when I was the teenager. My 8th house is having 4 planets, so I was interested in Astrology when I was 16 years old to till date.


I started my life in Saturn period. I worked as a full-time labor in an uncle (Mama ji - 6th house) factory. :crying2:

Mercury was okay, as I start making slow growth, and later I was in good Situation.

Then, Ketu period started in January 2014, and I was moved from India to the USA, as a project manager. I came to the USA in December 2015. I am in software line (IT Industry).


Venus period will start in January 2021. :) However, Venus is in the 6th house (10th lord in 6th house). Therefore, Venus is 9th from 10th house. I am not sure how would be my life on Venus period.


Since I am in the US, so I know I had a foreign travel yoga. Can you anyone please check my chart, and let me know if I can live permanently here? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Lagna Chart.jpg

Planetary Position.jpg

Lagna Chart.jpg

Planetary Position.jpg

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