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Tough time - request help

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Dear Advisors,
I hope and pray almighty god that my request you will find in the best of health and happiness. 
After working over two years in Iraq, my best job-contract was not extended beyond 31 January 2014. Therefore, I have to leave on 01 February 2014. And, my daughter got married in March 2014.
I am under Ketu mahadasha and Budh antardasha (Ketu seated with Sukara in 12th house and Budh seated with Surya in 10th house)
I feel like a lot of challenges with no positive progress. How to face Ketu mahadasha and Budh antardasha effectively. I wish to request your suggestions and advice please. I recite Gayatri Mantram 108 times and Shree Vishnu Shastranam once every day. 
My data: Male, dob 08 April 1956, tob 11.55 AM (Noon), pob Rohtak/India. 
Your guidance is highly appreciated. Thank you so much. Best regards,

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