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Shravana nakshtra and the puranic story.

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Shravana nakshtra and the puranic story.

Understanding Shravana nakshatra.



Demon King Bali had conquered the three worlds  the devtas were no match for this powerful Asur king so they requested Lord Vishnu to help them out .Lord vishnu disguised himself as Vamana small brahmin boy and approached King Bali while he was performing a yagna ,he asked King Bali for three steps of land ,the demon king readily agreed for this but the demon guru shukracharya saw through the design of Lord Vishnu,therefore he tried to dissuade King Bali but could not make him to agree so he blocked the spout of water vessel of King Bali, Vaman the vishnu avataar  took out a sharp blade of grass to clear the obstruction.  As he poked towards the pot's spout, the blade of the grass destroyed one of Shukracharya's eyes, and this is the reason why Shukracharya is seen to have one eye ever since.


With the obstacle successfully removed and the ritual over, it was time for the Vaman  to take his 3 strides worth of land. But suddenly, the vaman boy's size started to increase in size until  no one could  see his head anymore.  In one stride, he took both the netherworld/hell and the earth, and in the 2nd stride, he took heaven. Then Vaman avataar of  Vishnu Ji turned around towards Bali and asked "Now where do I put my 3rd foot?" Bali  offered  his own head for the vaman jis third stride.




At this Bali was immediately transported into the lowest among the 14 lokas.  And Vishnu ji  had now restored the earth to humans and the heavens to the gods.  Lord  Vishnu very pleased with Bali's magnanimity, so he decided to confer upon him the status - of doorkeeper of "the outer-most universe.
 This story,  reveals  the nature , functioning and quality of Shravana nakshatra.  Vishnu in his Vamana form as the brahmin boy relates to the amiable and innocent front projected by this nakshatra. The natives of this  nakshatra are  clever in achieving their  goals and are  very good in execution skills in  same way as Vishnu.
Shravana borns are known to be  very good executors.  
On the astrological front,  Venus/Sukracharya doesn't like to be placed in this nakshatra due to being blinded in one eye by vaman ji ,the natives of this nakshtra also become susceptible  to eye injuries and ailments if venus is in any way connected to this nakshatra.


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