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The beej and kshetra sphuta - sperm and ovary analysis through astrology.

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The beej and kshetra sphuta - sperm and ovary analysis through astrology.


Conception and astrology.



DETERMINATION OF FECUNDITY .AND VIRILITY--It is natural that the couple become anxious when they don't become parents for long time.Astrology has it's own method of analysing the

potency of the father and bearing capacity of the mother. To find out the birth of children in such cases,

astrologically Beeja sphutas for male and kshetra sputas for female should be calculated. It is the male,

who gives the seed (Beeja) to the female foetus,kshetra means fertilizing centre i.e. the place where

the seed grows and it is the womb of mother.There are certain calculations to arrive at the

Beeja sphuta and kshetra sphuta.Beeja (the seed) and the kshetra (the fruit) shouldbe strong in the horoscopes of male and female. If the seed is weak and the fruit is strong the couple may become parents very late after performing necessary propitiations to get children.Some school of thought mention that Sun and Moon are responsible for the conception and the planets should be placed favourably in odd signs.

To find out the beeja sphuta, add the longitude of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter of the male chart and

divide the sum total by 360. The remainder is the beeja sphuta.To find the kshetra sphuta, add the longitudes of Moon, Mars and Jupiter and divide by 360. The remainder will be kshetra sphuta.


If the beeja sphuta is in odd sign and in odd navamsha and gets conjoined with or aspected by

~ benefics, the beeja is said to be strong and such a person will be able to become father of a son. If in

odd sign in Rashi chart and in even sign in the navamsha chart or vice versa the birth of children is

said to take place with great difficulty. If the sphuta is in even sign in both Rashi and navamsha children

will not be born to him.If the kshetra sphuta occupies an even sign and even navamsha and gets conjunct or aspected by benefics she can be confirmed to give birth to children.If the kshetra sphuta occupies odd sign in rashi chart and even sign in navamsha or vice versa, the native will beget children with great difficulty. If the kshetra sphuta occupies odd signs in both Rashi and navamsha children will not be born to them.

Further, these sphuta rashis will not be aspected by malefics or hermaphrodite planets. The 5th house

from sphuta rashis also should not be conjuncted with malefic planets or aspected by malefics. It is also said

that Rahu should not occupy the beeja sphuta or 5th . house there-from.


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