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Spritual Dream / Something..

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Note: English is very poor. Try to understand my Question.
In my house we placed a gods photos (Duttaguru, Ganapati & Shri Swami Samarth) and pray on daily basis, as every body is doing in their home (House temple).
1) On last month January 14, I have a dream like I saw only Ganapati's photo only, another two photographs are invisibled.
in 2nd day i have another dream but same..in my house temple i saw Ganapati's Photo invible & another photos are visibled.
I dont understand what is the meaning of this dream.
2) In Feb 14, On this time is happened actually with me, not in my dream. When I was light a lamp in my house temple. I feel that only Ganapti Photo is only there. Another photos are not in there. Then I saw toward the Gods, no all photographs are in place.
These two incidents are happed with me in this two months
Kindly suggest the meaning of this Topics.

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Namaste Kaushik


Is Gaṇapatī your Ishṭa-dev? Perhaps He is telling you all devas are in Him . Did you recently have conflict of interest or trouble with focusing on "the other devas" ? and feeling guilty as a result? That happens with many people when it comes to the ONE favourite , Ishṭa .


Then again, perhaps it is Swami Samartha who is performing this trick on you so you get the point  :) He likes to performs these tricks to teach people how all devas are one.


Maybe, possible, perhaps ...


om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya

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