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Remedies,propitiations and upayae for malefic planets.

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Remedies,propitiations and upayae for malefic planets.

Remedial astrology.

Astrology of remedies.
1. In Hindu Shastras, upaye should be carried out for minimum 40 days and maximum 43 days continuously. If for some specific reasons beyond the control of native, the upaye has 10 be discontinued then
one should wash rice in the milk and keep them with him, after that upayc can be restarted to keep the continuity.
2. The upayes be performed between Sun rise and Sun set. There is no restriction of day for starting the upaye except stated. This can be started from Monday to Sunday.
3. Upaye can also be performed by the nearest blood relation. But  the author is not in this favour. This should be done by the native himself.
4. If a planet is malefic and the native is unmarried, the upaye be performed at the time of marriage of the native, which will be very fruitful

Some immediate relief can be obtained from the following methods.
1. SUN. Gur( jaggery) should be thrown in running water.
2. MOON. A container of milk or water be kept toward your head in tbe night, the water or milk be served to kikar tree in the morning.
3. Mars. (i) Sweets and sweet food be donated or Patasha (made of sugar) be thrown in river in ease of positive Mars.
(ii) In case of Negative Mars, rewari (made of sugar and Til) be thrown in the running water.
4. Mercury. A piece of copper be provided with hole and thrown in running water.
S. Jupiter. Saffron either be eaten or be applied on tongue or central part of belly called Naval or Umbilicus.
6. Venus. Donation of cow, Jawar( millets) or Milk.
7. Saturn. Donation of sarsoon (mustard) oil.
8. Rahu. Coal be thrown in the river. Donation of mooli is also recommended.
9. Ketu. Part of your food be gieven to tbe coloured dog,

1 When Mars is malefic in a horoscope, the use of skin of deer is beneficial. This skin is mainly being used by Sadhus and Sanyasis due to the fact that poisonous snake will not sit on the skin or bite the person .
using such a skin.
2. Sweet chappaties be prepared in Tandoor and donated.
3. Barley be washed in milk and thrown in running water.
4. When a native is suffering from long period of fever or T.B. then
barley be washed in urine of cow and be kept enclosing in red cloth.
Clean your teeth with urine of cow.
5. Rewari (made of sugar and til, be thrown in running water).
6. Saffron be applied on Naval
7. Gur be thrown in the running water.

When Jupiter is malefic in a horoscope of a male or female, steps and care should be taken immediately as it is quite essential that in one's horoscope Jupiter should be beneficial .
1. In case or females, this upaye be performed for a good and happy married life, which will bless her with good husband, wealth and children.
At the time of marriage of a girl, two pieces of gold of equal weight be donated to the girl. One of the gold piece be thrown in the running water and second be kept by the girl herself with the clear direction that this piece should at no cost be sold. So long this piece Will remain with her, she will be blessed due to beneficial actions and effects of Jupiter. In case of loss of this gold piece due to any reason, new gold piece be procured but there is no need to throw second piece of gold again in the river.In case of persons who cannot afford gold, use of two small packets of saffron or two pieces of turmeric (Haldi) can be used in the
above manner.

2. I n case when Sun is malefic, use of copper be made in the process as explained in para 1 supra.
3. When Moon is malefic, white pearl be used in the above way.When while pearl is not available, then silver, rice and river water equivalent 10 the weight of the native be used in the marriage.
4. When Venus is malefic, use of white pearl is recommended.
5. When Mars is unfavourable use of red gem without shine is to be used.
6. When Mercury is malefic, use diamond or use of seep or sea shell will be beneficial.
7. Saturn not posited in beneficial way, will give relief through the use of iron or salt or black surma (used for eyes).
8. Rahu should he propitiated the method as given in Moon above.Gift of ring with Neelam be avoided.
9. For Ketu use of two coloured stone is recommended.
When Saturn is malefic or the native is under Sadcsati (2.5 years to 7.5( years period), part of your food be given to craws.
Also Sani Satotra be recited continuously for 27days, four times a day in the morning facing Sun.
2. When once is denied from children or abortions occur etc. part ofyour food be given to black dog.

1. Donation of gold to girl at the time of marriage by the parents which should be used but be not sold by her.
2. Give part of your food to cow.
3. In acute malefic results, the couple should marry between themselves twice after a gap of some period, Venus will be favourable.
Marriage between same couple is denoted and not with out her man or woman.
When Ketu is conjoined as Mars-Ketu, Moon Ketu, Sun, Ketu, Mercury Ketu and may be posited in any house, and are malefic to a lady then her parents should donate two coloured blanket to ·a temple or
donate silver.They should also give food to 100 dogs in one day (from Sun rise to
Sun set).
In case of Mercury. a ring of iron without joint be thrown in the river at the time of marriage of the native or otherwise and second ring be used always in fourth finger of right hand.

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