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Guest Subash

A question related to Artha Panchakam and eternal transmigration

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Guest Subash

Dear Bhagavatars,


I was reading the 5 fold classification of souls as mentioned in the respected scripture "Artha Panchakam" by Pillai Lokachariar Swamigal.

It mentioned a category called Baddha and a category called Mumukshu.

Q. Are these eternal immutable svarupams of the soul ?

A. I mean can a Baddha Jivatma become a Mumukshu Jivatma through Bhagavad Anugraham and attain liberation. Or is he eternally damned in Samsaram. Does this mean eternal transmigration of some souls in Samsara with no possibility of liberation, is the idea being expressed in this scripture.


Kindly pardon my ignorance of Vishishtadvaitam and it's literature. I am just trying to clear my doubts.


Please forgive me all Apacharams in advance.


your servant,


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