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Why did shirdi sai baba eat meat if he was a hindu?

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Guest samhindu

My  71-Yr-Old sister (a deaf mute) unmarried always lived at home, very sheltered, a strict vegetarian, does daily evening poojas. 

The holy Trinity:  Mother Saraswati, Mother Durga and mother Laxhmi have all told her she can eat meat if she so desires.

In her poojas after doing her rituals 5-10 minutes she gets into conversation with divinity which can go on for an hour or more.

NO ONE at home can hide anything from her :-)

When asked what do they look like.... her response: “very pretty, smiling faces, sparkling jewels, something like the movie stars depicting deities roles.

The deities she converses with are: Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and of course the holy trinity mother Durga; Laxhmi; Saraswati..... Basically thru their pictures on the wall.  The way she describes the phenomenon is: The picture/moorti she addresses will morph into the form of

the Deity (same size) ALIVE with facial expression hands movement etc.  

Asked if they use sign-language as we do to Communicate with her, laughingly NO!
She hears them in her head (obviously telepathic).

Quite a thing to witness!

My take is, she is so advanced in her spiritual awakening that it just doesn’t matter,
her body chemistry (alkaline) can neutralize the acidic/polluting effects of meat.

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