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Brahma's life and Special Theory of relativity by Albert Einstein

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Hi Guys,


I was reading through the special theory of relativity over a last couple of days and indeed was intrigued by the way it has been formulated based on the 'factual' evidences, eg. a man standing in a room with say high 5 ft, will appear to be diminishing as we move away from it at constant speed.On the time dimension as you move away at constant speed from a reference, the time seems to be enlarging eg. if an event passed on earth in 20 min, when seen from a reference separate from earth moving at constant speed, the same 20 min will be felt as say 20 years (for the example sake); so by going by this a being living in Brahma loka should be living 30 years of earth's 30 min (again for example sake). Bottom line the special theory of relativity says that anything thats moving at constant speed away from the reference, will see the time getting slowed down, meaning he is living more years of earth's small time.


But on the vedic scriptures, 1 year of earth is 1 day of Brahma ( please correct me if I am wrong); going by this logic, the a person living in Brahma loka feels the time is indeed getting faster, he is living 1 day of earth's one year. So clearly this is an exact opposite of what Einstein postulated.


While Eistein's theories are based on factual observations, vedas say these observations could be misleading, thus disprove these theories even before the theories were even postulated. I do agree that vedas are indeed on much higher plane and difficult to comprehend by a layman; and the violation is stated even before Einstein postulated his theories, thus showing their genuine importance, thus not being partial in anyways.


Does anyone have analysed this before, or I have mistaken somewhere ? could anyone shed some light on this, I appreciate your time


hari bol

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