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Advice needed related to Aryan and Vedic worshipping practice.

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Hey guys, I am a Brahmin from the Kashyapa community of Bengal. I have always been an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. from the day I got my sense. But at the same time, recently I have read a few things about the Vedas, and have gone through Vedic philosophy and the early concepts of polytheism gradually approaching monotheistic attitude, i.e from Vedic deities to Vedantic Brahman.


While I certainly adore Lord Shiva and regard Trinity to be the highest representation of Godhead, the concept of Gods like Indra, Varuna, Apam Napat and Aranyani etc. also interests me. That's why while worshipping God or Ishvar as a whole, I also respect and worship the other Vedic Gods at times.


I know about Gita and the Vedantas, and that Sri Krishna had said that he alone pervades the universe and the homage to all Gods and Goddesses goes to him. And that his devotees reach him. But still, is it right to continue with this practice?


By the way, my secondary worship of the deities involve reciting hymns and praise of the Gods and Goddesses, much like Atenism of ancient Egypt started by Akhenaton. Like praising Indra-Parjanyaa by reciting things like "Lord, I thank thee for having blessed us this year with rains; the rains that shower on us are due to thy blessings" and so on.


While I face no side-effect, I guess this might dilute my devotion to the supreme Godhead, may he be alled Shiva or Visnu or Shakti. What's your advice on the matter?

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Dear Anirban Chaterjee,


My advise to you is to continue with Siva- your istadevata worship. In due course you will spontaneously reach the stage of formless worship of Brahman. Till such stage is reached we are to continue with form worship. You can achieve everything including the ultimate by the istadevada worship alone. This is so because all gods are manifestation of one Brahman only.The form and name may differ according to the individual taste and predisposition of the baktas, but the content is same - Brahman . Siva is Brahman only. Catch His feat tightly and you don't have to know anything. He will lead you to Brahma gnyan


This is the technique of Ramakrishna paramahamas. He caught hold of the idol worship of Kali with a munky grip and who could be called a greater mystic than him?



Ra Zious

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