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Remedy for Black Magic Spell

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I need some help to get rid of all ill luck, possibly, caused by unintentionally stepping on a tantric earthen plate( Which has Black Magic Spell)....


The incident and my story goes like this and I vaguely remember about this...This happened in Hyderabad, India, when i was probably about 5-7 yrs old ( sometime between 1983-1986), i was following my brother and walking in our neighbourhood and accidently stepped on a earthern plate which has some lemon's, rice, turmeric and the plated was tied with some threads( associated with Black Magic and commonly found in hyderabad)...my brother questioned me if i stepped on it and as i was younger to him and by the way of his tone, i was scared and did not tell him the truth.....


Having said this, after this incident i noticed all my life up until now (Now im 32 Yrs old) has always been challenging and miserable, I havent been good at my studies, One of my sister has an unnatural death in late 90's followed by my dad in early 2000, another sister was married quite late and my brother was married, but his health condition has worsened to such an extent that he is now gravely sick and not sure if he will be able to get through this year, however, with all these things,I managed to move to North america in early 2000 and again, as always the case, had to go through enough to establish my career which almost took 4 Yrs to get a good job and was than married to the girl i like, only to get divorced an year later..


Now I'm tired about everything and not sure what more to expect down the line..and for some reason I feel this could be because of me stepping on that cursed plate with a spell and for some reason associate everything with that incident. Is there anyway possible for me to break this spell and get my life and my family back on track and get rid of these miseries.


Please advise, if there are remedies to counter the spell.


Thanks and Regards


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