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best shilajit source

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I am new to Indiadivine and I saw a post from a user here at Indiadivine called ASHUSOOD. Is there a way that I can directly contact ASHUSOOD to find out the source of the shilajit that He or She has discovered. From the way they describe it it sounded like it was the real deal. So if ASUSOOD or someone else knows of this source could contact me I'd greatly appreciate it

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I am AshuSood. I do not know if I am allowed to share the source of my Shilajit on this forum; if I am correct the moderators are very strict to protect us from spam. Which is good, of course.


I have used this Shilajit for 2 years now, with occasional breaks, as recommended by the seller (Oriveda).

The Oriveda Shilajit I use is a purified paste, which has to be diluted with some boiled water in a ratio of 30/70 (70 being the water).


If these preparation guidelines are observed properly, the Shilajit will have an unlimited shelf life. And it does! 50 grams is enough for a year of use, including the breaks I mentioned.

I once purchased from an American source named "purblack" which seemed to be similar. However, it soon developed mould even when kept in the refrigerator. My conclusion was that this product was impure and contaminated with fungal spores. Best avoided.

What I liked about the Oriveda Shilajit is not only the quality of the product but on top of that the remarkable repository of scientific articles they are offering to their customers, which enables them to make a well-balanced purchase decision. 


I hope this was useful.

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Guest Pürblack Resin

Dear Oriveda People!

We would greatly appreciate if you would stop disseminating lies about the quality of Pürblack Resin. This is not the first time you are doing this. 

As you very well know Pürblack did file a lawsuit against a group of individuals in Los Angeles county for libel exactly on the topic you are referring to. We highly encourage you to compete honestly and transparently. For example start publishing your real names and contact Pürblack directly and publicly with any legitimate concerns, which we shall address publicly. 


Kind regards, 

Pürblack People 

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