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Why was Arjuna force by Krishna to fight?

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Hello, I would like to start a discussion about why Krishna forced Arjuna to go to war. I know this is asked often but I have a hard time understanding. I usually use two approaches to understanding, both moral and then logical. I have provided both and I would need a good communicator to teach me why my thinking is not proper. Thank you.



My morals: We should not kill no matter what, and if we have to, it should be for providing means to an end or survival. But even then i'm not sure if it's right.. Dharma and wisdom itself teaches us that... That's what makes us a better human.



My Logic: Krishna tells Arujna that it's his Dharma to be a warrior and it's his duty... So he must do it.

- In my head Dharma is proper behavior and rightful actions. But not a responsbility or duty in society, more of a divine choice based on wisdom...

- If Dharma was not a divine choice, but rather a duty, then isn't it Karma? How can it liberate us to follow Dharma if we just fall into our fate? Whereas a divine choice (made by the head) is more likely to liberate us from limitations... And therefore they cannot be the same and that's not a good reason.



Krishna is confusing sometimes... And forgive my ignorance but I do have a realy strong Buddhi yoga in my natal chart and it's in my nature to ask these kinds of questions!

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