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Mannupugazh Manavala Mamunivan

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:


This day about 641 years ushered in an era of Gnyanam

and Bhakthi that the world had never witnessed before. At time when the Srivaishnava world was sinking into darkness due to the invasion of Turks, at a time when the ancient heritage of Srivaishavam was withering away

into oblivion, there arose , in the quiet land of Azhwar thirunagari, an acharya who was destined to make the master of the world his Sishya.


This Aippasi Thirumoolam is the Thirunakshrtam of Sri Manavala Mamunigal, the penultimate acharya of the Srivaishnava Guruparampara. With Him, the Lord of Srirangam finished the Guruparamparai.


This acharyan’s charitram and vaibhavam was chronicled by Sri Pillailokam Jeeyar in his “Yatheendra Pravana Prabhavam” a work in Manipravala nadai generously sprinkled with Sanskrit pramanas. For the lame man interested in the charitram of Maamunigal, this text is extremely hard to decipher. With the intention of taking Mamunigal’s vaibhavam to the masses, Professor Sri.

U.Ve Arangarajan of Madurai has not only translated Yatheendra pravana prabhavam into simple Tamizh but has also added more facts and interesting incidents prior to the Birth of Manavala Mamunigal.


Starting with the vaibhavam of Nampillai, the flow of Eedu from Nampillai to Mamunigal, the text goes on to describe the trying times of Srivaishnava world during Mughal invasion. A very elaborate coverage has been given to the parallel movement of the Acharyas and Srivaishavas during the time of Muslim invasion down south. Finally, focus is brought to the life of

Maamunigal. The author dwells on each incident in the life of Maamunigal from His birth in the Land of Namazhwar to His assuming the Leadership of

the Srivaishnava world in Srirangam. The writing is very lucid. The author has taken great pains to translate each Sanskrit shlokam of the original text to Tamizh thus retaining the originality.


Many places pictures and photos have been inserted to explain the context. The writing on the final days of Mamunigal is excellent and leaves the eyes moistened with tears. On this day of the birth of the Krupacharya, we

request each one of you to obtain of copy of the book and read it fully. Knowledge of our acharyas charitram is foremost in knowing our Sampradayam.

You can also circulate about this book and gift it, so that others also get

benefit from this treasure.


Cost of the book : Rs.200/-


Contact No. for copies: Sri Vaishnava Sri Srirangam - 98842 89887,

Chennai - Sri Vaishnava Sri Chennai Office



[TR="bgcolor: #ffffff"]

[TD="class: text padding"]Sri Vaishnava Sri

32/36.Naickamar St,




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Tel: 044-24715120

Web: Sri Vaishnava Sri Chennai




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