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Are we worshipping Krishna? Or are we worshipping Prabhupada and India?

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I became a ISKCON devotee a month ago and truly feel I've found the truth.

However, it often seems like other devotees are worshipping Prabhupada more than Krishna, talking about him like he was a God, every word he said must be true, he had no faults, etc. And so many western Hare Krishnas almost only eat Indian food. This doesnt make any sense either since the religion speak about the creation of the universe, the earth, meaning all plants and beings, not just indian food. True, the religion comes from India, but one becomes a follower of Krishna of Vishnu of Brahman, not of India...surely?


Sorry of this appears rude, I'm naturally an iconoclast, disliking all authority (except Brahman), it doesnt mean I am not serious about the religion, I AM very much, but I also have a mind and body of my own, and that mind has questions...


And, HI! I'm new here :D

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