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neechbhanga yog

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dear sir,


5th april 1978




i have read article in diff diff website regarding neechbhanga raj yoga, i am reali confused according to few astrologer it is not exist and it ll kept giving me bad result forever but actually its not happening, i am living with good health n wealth and enjoying end of luxury in abroad but i am reali curious to know weather i have neechbhang or not


makar lagna

moon in 2nd house

sun and ketu in 3rd house

venus and mercury in 4th house

jupiter in 6th

mars in 7th (debilated in cancer)

saturn in 8th

rahu in 9th


according to one rule of debilation says debilated planet should be in kendra or exalated sign of perticular plant same with moon, so i can say mars is in kendra 7th house so (makar and aries) both sign is in kendra

2nd my saturn is weak lied in leo and retro but its in kendra from moon


do i have both neech bhagna or there isnt any neechbhang in my horoscope

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