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Maya Shakti

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Maya jaal works through the triad of Rupa , Nama and Karma. This triad is also called the Sat, the reality. However, this reality is nothing but it appears as something under the influence of a power known as Maya Shakti. Thus, what we know through our senses, and what we understand and perform , our actions , all are nothing in a more correct sense of truthfulness.

Rupa is the form perceived by our eyes. Our eye perceives a thing as a particular thing. Our eye communicates to us the particular form of a thing. If we see a car , our eye communicates us the particular form, the particular car. But this particular form , against the background of absolute Being, as a chunk of absolute Being is nothing but only a chunk of absolute being. Why we perceive a particular chunk of being as a particular car is actually the play of Maya Shakti.

A particular home is another chunk of Being , but Maya allows us to identify it as a particular house, and hides from us the fact this is only a chunk of Being that we are looking at. So, to see the reality as formless , as one is liberating oneself from Maya Shakti. Yet this freedom is not completed unless one learns how Maya acts? how it creates forms? To know how Maya Shakti acts is a bit difficult .

In the case of Nama, we recognize something with a concept , with a universal form. Thus a car that I perceive, I recognize as a car, whereas , the car is a universal form. This again is a work of Maya , it is Maya that allows us to understand , and recognize a particular thing as a universal. On the other hand , a particular is a particular and a universal is a universal and they don't correspond.

In the domain of Karma , we believe in the law of cause and effect and think that action has a reaction or effect. This again is the work of Maya Shakti , that allows us to have faith in cause and effect.

So , when we study and pass the exam we think that our action has resulted in an effect; on the other hand there is no such relationship between action and its effect.

So, to liberate oneself from Maya is to liberate oneself from these false ways of being conscious.

Khalid Jamil Rawat

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