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Help! Received conflicting advice!

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Hi everyone,


I'm a new member and this is my first post. Look forward to learning from all of you.


I would like to know what gemstone would be beneficial for me.


I'm stumped as been told 4 different things from different people.


Could some experienced gurus/jyotisha's please shed some light?


My birth details are:


DOB 27th April 1976

Time 12:50pm

Place Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3,10N; 101,42E)

Timezone +8 East


As of today, am wearing a 6.5ct White Sapphire (in Silver) on my right hand RING finger.


Also been told to:


1) Wear a Yellow sapphire (right hand index finger)

2) Wear an Emerald (right hand little finger)

3) Wear a Pearl

4) Wear a Coral/Ruby


Am very new to jyotish and vedic astrology, and am learning all I can.


Would welcome your thoughts/comments/advise.


Thank you in advance.


God bless,



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Dear Vevek:

You have three planets in the 10th house, Jupiter (yellow sapphire), Ketu (Cat's Eye) and Sun (Ruby). But your Jupiter is combusted by Sun 100%.

Combusted planet's gem will not give results, hence avoid Yellow Sapphire.

10th house planets are suggested to bring auspicious results, hence, I will recommend you to wear Ruby, 1st Choice.

The 2nd choice will be planet in the 11th house, Mercury (Emerald).

Trust my explanation inspire you,

Swami Krsna

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