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Significance of black panther

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I had a dream two nights ago, when a large black panther with a serene large face is directly in front of me in the house. While I am admiring the shiny black coat the panther looks towards the Pooja section of our house and gives out a snarl twice, partially showing its fangs. And then the dream vanishes. I regularly pray to Kali. I often [about once every two or three days] read the Devi Mahatmayam. I am unable find any definite association between Kali and a black panther on the net.

Please tell me the significance of this.

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The black panther could be your power animal. Usually the black panther appears to teach us about reclaiming our power.


Since your pooja room was shown in the dream the panther could symbolise Kali Ma's energy. Usually the black panther is associated with lunar energy and I believe this energy is very much associated with Kali. It may be that She is inviting you to explore this and embody this energy more in your life.


I too have the black panther as my power animal. I also worship the Divine Mother and Kali Ma is one aspect of Maa I happen to adore very much.

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