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Vinayak Sharma

Plzz helpme astrologers... Mentally very disturbed need astrological guidance

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D.O.B: 14 march 1989

time of birth: 04:10 A.M.

Place of Birth:New Delhi


i'm experiencing problems since my rahu dasha started from 1996, there has been a lot of mental fear and agony and sufferings.before 2008 there was a lot of mental agony.From the end of 2008 i started having evil obsessive thoughts and after some time it turned into visual and auditory hallucinations.The doctor diagnosed me with psychosis.I started taking medicines but with little results..Althought i believe those hallucinations to be very real.I think these voices are of evil spirits who want to harm me.these voices appear to be very real to me.these evil spirits say bad words about me. since 2007 im not getting success in any thing.i have joined many courses since then but failed to complete.my mental health is getting on worse and worse.i myself believe in astrology and so i think its because of this evil rahu's dasha.It will end in 2014. please help me to overcome from the evil effects of this dasha.PLZ analyze my birth chart and help me if u can. but why is rahu giving so bad results to me.is it bcoz it is a strong maraka placed in its own house in the 2nd house...ALL ASTROLOGERS PLZZ HELP ME... SUGGEST SOME REMEDIES

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