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Conceiving to get a spiritual baby

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Dear Moderator,


I am a married woman and i would like to conceive a child of spitritual conciousness. I had miscarriage twice. I would like to know how to give birth to a baby who is very spiritual and good hearted and always in krishna conciousness. Is there any days, nakshatra for gettign conceived. Also is there any sloka for conceiving well and getting a healthy baby? Pls advice.



Rekha Narayani

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Dear Rekha , maybe you should check first with a gynecologist to check your hormones ,to see if there was some medical reason for your miscarriages . I would reply you here by some vedic advices and my own personal stand on sexuality as well, but its way too long , so i'll share a link to one article on a blog . After that article ,you will find a comment by "question" which was very educational ,and then reply by helitra (the admin and author there) . You can find Garbhadhana Samskara in some details , but i assure you that many prominent vaishnavas followed that rite , and yet their kids were not devotees at all , while some non vaishnavas have a great very spiritual children .

All what i am trying to say is ,that why shouldnt be bothered by detailes . This is kali yuga. I hope you and your husband will not forget to enjoy in your intimacy in the name of official approach to calculate for the baby. Be spontaneous .While God have a proper place in your lives ,he will take care of it all with time .

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