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Aadarniya gurujis please analyse and help for career prospects.

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Namaskaar everybody,


My date of birth is 19th March 1972, Place of Birth is Dehradun, Time of birth is 1:57 afternoon.


I am in the Iindian Foreign Service, but I would like to switch over to becoming a finance expert handling my own investments and portfolio. I am not interested in any job, not even in the finance sector. I aim to give up govt service in about nine months to one years time. If not I will get posted back to India next year.


Could you please kindly guide and advise me if I shall be able to give up govt service?


Thank you very very much, any advice would be highly appreciated.


My horoscope:

Current dasha: Rahu- Moon (till 6-12-2010)

Rahu- Mars (till 24-12-2011)


Then Jupiter mahadasha to begin from 25-12-2011.



Lagna Ascendant: 4: Cancer ascendant: Ketu (1st house)

9: Jupiter (6th house)

10: Rahu (7th house)

12: Sun, Mercury (9th house)

1: Venus, Moon (10th house)

2: Mars, Saturn (11th house)



Ascendant: 6

7: Venus, Ketu (2nd house)

9: Moon (4th house)

10: Mercury, Mars (5th house)

12: Saturn (7TH house)

1: Rahu (9th house)

4: Jupiter (11th house)

5: Sun (12th house)



Ascendant: 2

3: Mercury, Ketu (2nd house)

7: Venus (6th house)

9: Sun, Rahu (8th house)

10: Mars, Moon (9th house)

12: Saturn (11th house)

1: Jupiter: (12th house)


Chandra kundli:

Ascendant: 1: Venus , Moon (1st house)

2: Mars, Saturn( 2nd house)

4: Ketu (4th house)

9: Jupiter

10: Rahu

12: Sun, Mercury


Astakvarg total:















Thank you very much.

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