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Sources of Vitamin A and B 12 in the vegetarian diet

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This info we have stored on our homepage under " Files " and then click on " For

New Vegetarians " .

This way you can refer to it and all the great information we have put together

to help you.



This is from the book Proof Positive by Dr. Neil Nedley - An incredible

resource and undeniable medical evidence of how a healthy vegetarian diet

will improve our life.


High Levels of Carotene (Vit. A) Foods

% of RDA -

Orange Yams, peeled after baking - 1 cup. - 436%

Carrots, cooked 1 c. 383%

Carrots, raw 1 c. 309%

Pumpkin, cooked 1/2 c. 271 %

Sweet Potato, peeled after baking - 1 med. 249%

Sweet Red Bell Peppers 1 each - 135 %

Cantaloupe - half - 86%

Mixed Vegetables, frozen and cooked - 1 c. 78%

Spinach, cooked - 1/2 c. 74%

Kale, cooked - 1/2 c. 48%

Turnip greens, cooked 40 %

Apricots, whole - 3 each 28 %

Broccoli, cooked 1 c. 22%

Watermelon slice 1/10 inch 1 serving - 18%

Collard greens, cooked 1/2 c. 18%

Lettuce - 5 leaves - 10 %


Vit B 12 - There is more in Organically grown plant food than in Chemical

fertilizer grown.

Soybeans, Barley and Spinach contain Vit. B 12 in small amounts per a

research study done by Dr. A. Mozafar, a Swiss researcher. Eggs and dairy

products, fortified cereals and fortified soy milks have Vit. B 12. For

Vegans, Dr. Nedley, prefers to err on the side of caution and advises to

take a regular supplement that contain Vit. B 12 or eat foods that Vit.B 12

has been added, such as many of the breakfast cereals and meat substitutes.

There are at least 12 dry cereal varieties that contain substantial amounts

of Vit. B 12. Some milk alternatives contain levels of Vit. B 12 that are

equal to or greater than the same amount of cow milk.


Different B vitamins come from different natural sources, such as potatoes,

bananas, lentils, chilli peppers, tempeh, . Nutritional yeast (or brewer's

yeast) and molasses. Marmite and the iconic Australian spread Vegemite bill

themselves as " one of the world's richest known sources of vitamin B " .



This is a very interesting article on Vit. B 12 with very important

information. Please click on that link and read...........


Here's to improved health and quality of life.







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