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Annie alternative products

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Why don't you do what feels right to you.

I don't care to eat Veat bcause it is in the shape of half a bird and that

bothers me.

That is basically the only one that bothers me.  I know the ingredients are

vegetarian so I use the other products. Yes I do eat animal crackers LOL 



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--- On Mon, 12/7/09, Annie Littlewolf <mkdebord wrote:



Annie Littlewolf <mkdebord

[veg_grp] Tofu McNuggets


Monday, December 7, 2009, 7:52 AM







Hi! I TRULY don't mean this as a flame, but as a discussion starter. If I go

veggie for humane, moral reasons, then should I eat veggie foods made to look

like the foods I'm avoiding? Somehow it seems wrong to me. If however, you are

doing it for health reasons, then I can see doing it. What do you all think?

Annie, who is vegan for humane, moral reasons



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I agree Donna,

If the product looks like or even sounds like *animal*, I can't eat it. With the

exception of animal crackers..LOL


Some products like veggie dogs, burgers, and chik nuggets, I just cannot eat.

They remind me of the real thing.

I make my own and call them veggie patties or whatever makes me comfortable.

Everyone has their own preferences and none are right or wrong.


At one time I did not eat eggs, cheese or dairy, but now that I can purchase

cage free, non rennet or organic dairy, like Yogurt, I eat them.

I've seen so many positive changes in how I can now purchase food that I feel



When I first became a Vegetarian, almost 30 years ago, there were no health food

stores in our city. Not a single restaurant served Vegetarian meals. Organic was

unheard of.

I can now shop my local market for my heart's desire and health.


I also can fill my glass bottles with cleaner, safer water for 25 cents a

gallon. No longer do I have to use plastic bottles that have clogged our land



Life is just way too much fun..

Sending love and hugs your way

Deanna in Colorado


Donnalilacflower <thelilacflower wrote:

> Why don't you do what feels right to you.

> I don't care to eat Veat bcause it is in the shape of half a bird and that

bothers me...)

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I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons, as well, but I don't see what that

has to do with meat substitutes. I see it as having my cake and eating it

too! I can prepare and eat the casseroles and soups and comfort foods that

my mom made growing up -- making them vegetarian with the Quorn, Morningstar

Farms, or Worthington products. And although I never much cared for chicken

when I did eat meat, I love some of the chik'n products, especially from

Morningstar Farms and Quorn.


Most meat substitutes appeal to me as long as I know it's not really meat.

(I'm with Donna, though, on Veat -- looks too much like a real chicken for

me to be able to try it!) I also really appreciate restaurants that offer a

veggie burger. Burger King and Chili's both have good veggie burgers and I

will patronize those restaurants as long as they have them on the menu, and

encourage them to offer more vegetarian options!




On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 5:04 AM, Virginia <artemesia wrote:




> Hi Annie,

> I was interested what it was all about, particularly quorn (which is not

> mushroom in origin as I had thought) . Quorn was first produced as a

> mycoprotein for a famine that was predicted, but never eventuated.

> I personally would not eat a meat substitute, as I am vegetarian for

> ethical reasons . But I certainly don't have a problem with people eating

> meat substitutes.

> Most of the time I don't care what people eat, as long as they don't eat

> things that turn my stomach in front of me. But I have been known to voice

> an opinion to friends who eat at a Chinese restaurant that sells shark fin

> soup, as I think that is one of the most cruel practices and I just can't

> bear to think of it.


> Virginia

> West Aussie







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Guest guest

I do sometimes eat Quorn and other " meat substitutes " , more because of their

texture in a recipe, not because I miss whatever it looks like. I have a

co-worker who is an omnivore, but because of religious reasons she abstains from

meat and fish two days a week and she was unable to eat Quorn fillets because

she thinks they look too much as " the real thing " .



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