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umm under arm smell?

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Gosh a bit embracing. LOL Ive recently started having a rather bad under arm

smell. Ive had an issue before late in pregnancy but Im not pregnant. And Im

loosing weight, exercising...have not been capable of this in about two

years...and eating better than I have in quite a while. Drink almost exclusively

water. So whats up. I take care of myself and start to stink? I need hep. LOL

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This is a by-product of the body's expelling acidic compounds.


Water aides digestion ---What are you digesting?


The body uses three main organs to rid the body of acidic compounds:


Lungs (expiration),

Skin (persperation).


Please research the topic: "pH in the Body"


The three above organ system "buffer" nasty elements in the body [tranversed via the blood stream] the buffering is done with the aide of Vitamiins & minerals that allow for enzymes to work their metabolic roles.


A bad diet will leach-out those Vit/Min stores leaving one w/o the ability to do this task ---thus a build-up of 'acid-base(s)' in the blood stream which will still dump the abundant acids in encapsulating sheaths of body "fat".


Eventually all body fat is simply storage places for un-buffer-able acid-like chemicals ---One must Flush out & replenish the Vit/Min needs of the organs that do the buferring. The buffering is accomplished by nuetralising the acid with the alkaline Vit/Min(s).

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