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[Vaideekam] Thrikaala Sandhya Vandhanam in pdf format in Tamil

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it is wonderful o see the tamil sandhyavandanam done n

..pdf form. it is quite easy to download and read.

why not we get the other things also llke this say

bhajagovindam,etc. it willhelp us a lot. sorry forthe

inconvenience. my pranams to u,





Dear Mr.Venugopal,

thanks for your message,

making pdf may convenient to read, and it is not a big task for me,

but pdf will not come as an inline message,

it should be saved some where and then open.

Here I wish to give an example which will also be useful to know about the God's

five different states.


Perumal (bhagavan) doing anugraham in five different status.

They are:

1. Param 2. Vyuham 3. Vibhavam 4. Andharyami 5. Archai


1. Param : Bhagavan staying at 'Paramapadham' with nithya soories which is

compared to the

" Aavarana Jalam " water which in the very very highest place, where ordinary

people can not think to go.


2. Vyuham : Bhagavan is having an office setup in the " Thirupparrkadal " to do

the 'Jagadh Vyabharam',

which is compared to the deep ocean, where rishis, brahma, indran like devars

only can go?


3. Vibhavam : Bhagavan taking " Avatars " like " Sri Rama " , " Sri Krishna " to help

the " Saadhus " and to kill

the " dhushtaas " , which is compared to the water which flows in the river, and

which is useful only for the

people who are living there in that period. Because the water will drain after

some time, it will not long lost

and will not useful for persons who have to take birth in the future.


4. Andharyami : Bhagavan staying in every jeevans aanma, which is compared to

the water in the deep

(well) earth, which requires very hard efforts to dick and see it.


5. Archai : Bhagavan waiting for us all the day (24x7x365) to do 'anugraham' in

every temples and

'Saalagramams' in our house koilazhvars, which is compared to the water stored

in the lakes, ponds and

'madus' which is ready to use always without efforts. The Archa avadhar bhagavan

is doing anugraham for

the persons who is not interested to see him, by going 'Oorvalam', fortunately

having the dharshan and it

may change his previous tendency.


I had very simply described, to compare our messages sent in the form of inline

message and as an

attachment. The pdf attachment can be compared to the water flowing in the

river, which will be useful for

members who are checking and opening the particular message, some persons may

blocked the

attachments options, even it is there in the mail in a closed position, should

have interest to open it. If not

opened and stored in a correct place, it may go to the trash.


I wish all the useful articles to be stored in our groups message area, by which

it will be useful for the

members who are checking the messages only in the web (they might have made

their settings like that),

future members and who are not members and may found the message.


I hope, members can understand my feelings.

best regards,


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Guest guest

Dear Moderator,


That was excellent work done.....the pdf. format of Thirkaala Sandhya Vandhanam. The print out is of very good quality as well. Keep up the good work and thank you very much indeed.


Best Regards

K. Vasudevan

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Guest guest

Dear Moderator,

I thank you verymuch for sandhyavandanam in pdf format.I received the gita but I

could not

read it might be some technical problems.I therefore reuest you if you can send

in pdf Iwill be grateful to you.I understand the difficulties in sending pdf

format.I thank you again.




Srinivasan Deevalur <vaideekam wrote:


Dear members,

I understand that, Many members are getting trouble to read the tamil document

with that font.

So, I am here by attaching the document in pdf format for your convenience.

best regards,


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Dear Moderator,


I was trying to download this PDF file, but I'm unable to view the attachment. May be because I'm not authorized I think. Please help me to get this sandhayavandaam in tamil PDF file.


thanks in advance.



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Guest Guest

pl send in tamil yajurveda sandyavandanam procedue in tamil pdf and oblige my email address

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