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Attn : Priya ji

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Dear Priya,


Read my earlier message # 1360. Could you talk to some other

astrologer and confirm your Lagna ? If your lagna is Dhanu then only

these upaya will help you otherwise not.











lalkitab , " shimla_20032003 "

<shimla_20032003> wrote:

> thanxs for the upaya i think i really should go through these

> upayas but

> can you tell me upaya how can i make my co workers my supporters to

> obey my orders

> like in our family our servants too do not listen our orders our

> neighbours too

> do not listen what we talk about can you help me even my life


> lots of trouble

> the other problem is that im suffering from the problems i already

> told you about

> i want to get married but due to circumstances in my family i


> a lot i dont no what to do even my elder brother is unmarried . can

> you tell upaya for a boy in our tradition is there any upaya please

> suggest me so i can no .the other thing i told you about my

> bhabhi .she is a witch

> i dont have any personal interest in her but due to the things she

> created in our family i really want some thing which can help us in

> front of her . she is like triya charitra type of nature .

> the problem is that from the day she has come in our family she


> to blame all of us and make us down in front of my brother as far

> as my family condition this is second marriage of my brother so

> everybody will blame us it is so bad situation we are facing . we

> are from reputed family only problem is with my father otherwise

> everyone is good and honourable in society . the first marriage of

> my brother is break due to the jadu tona had been done by my

> relatives especially my chacha.who you never wnats us on the

> position we attain. he is the only one who had destroy us i dont

> know what to do. this is the worst time when everythings are going

> wrong .

> please tell me more upayas for such types of bhu .

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