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Nisargadatta Maharaj talks about Osho

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Here is what Maharaj said about Osho (apparently in response

to a question about him), from " Consciousness and the

Absolute: "


Chapter Sixty One. June Nine, 1981.


Rajneesh is not a small personality or small principal.


He is tremendous.

He is very big.

He is a great sage.





When you already have a guru,

why do you visit other sages?


Since you already have a great sage as your guru,

you should not sit here or come here.


I do not like those shiftings from gurus to gurus.


I do not like wanderers.





What is the difference between Maharaj and Rajneesh?


Once you remove the letters, the names,

what is the difference?





You investigate that wanderer's, I,

before you investigate others.





What is the product,

after you remove its name?


What are you,

without the name or the label?





You investigate the investigator,

investigate " I Am " .


Before you take up the assignment of inquiring about others,

inquire about yourself first,

and see if you are real or unreal.


The letters " I Am " are written spontaneously with a certain ink.


What is that ink which was used to write that which you are?


In that ink with which the letters " I Am " were written,

in that ink the title of Tej Sesh Bhagavan is confirmed by the Vay



Sesh means the leftover, the remains.


What is the leftover that means what you are?





Maharaj then asked someone to leave and not to listen to these






One who has understood one's mystery, as to what is,

that one will not discuss or argue the largeness or smallness of


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