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Discourse: purusha sukta- Sri Bannanje Govindacharya- 1

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OM sahasra shIrShA puruShaH sahasrAkShaH sahasrapAt|

sa bhUmiM vishvatO vRutvA atyatiShThadashAMgulaM||



One of the most important vedic sukta is the puruSha sUkta. No worship of the Lord is complete without this sUkta. The three letters of the OMkAra expand into the three vyAhRutis which further become the three pAdas of the gAyatrI, subsequently the three parts of the puruSha sUkta and finally the three Vedas.


Here is a rare and an old recording of the discourse series on puruSha sUkta rendered by pUjya Sri Bannanje Govindacharya.

These sessions were held at Sri Satyapramoda Kalyana Mantapa, Sri Uttaradi Mutta road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore in the year 1991.

The files are in .rm format and require ‘real player’ for playing them on your computers. Listeners might have to increase the volume of their systems while playing these files.


Thanks to Sri. Kaddi Raghuttamachar for recording, preserving and sharing with us this priceless treasure.





bhaktarennuva kaDalanukki hariyisuvaMthahuNNimeya chaMdiranu, suguNagaLa maMdiranusaMtasada seleyiMda tuMbiruva rameyarasa

saMtatavu nammannu salahutirali||rame jonnavakki nInavaLa beLadiMgaLukhaLareMba hAvugaLa suDuva kaDalina kicchunInu sajjanareMba dArigara niludANanArAyaNane ninage nanna namanaM||




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