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Fwd: Sudha Mangala- Sri Satyatmateerthara Amrutopadesha at Navavrindavana

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Badri <badri.waiker  badri.waiker wrote on Sat Apr 3, 2010 7:08 am to MYP list



It was a memorable experience to be attending 3rd Sudha Mangala conducted by Pt. Karalahalli Narasimachar of Hubli in Divya Sannidhi of Sri Satyatmateertharu at Navavrundavana. 

It was my best experience with swamiji attending Sudha Patha, Dandodaka Snana, Molla Ramadevara Pooja Prasada, Vaageesha Teerthara Purvaradhana, Sudha Anuvada by various scholars, Amrutopadesha by Swamiji and finally Gurugala Tulabhara. 

Swamiji appreciated the Sudha Mangala program from the depth of his heart and congratulated Narasimha Acharyaru for making the event a grand success. 

Finally Swamiji gave discourse on Srimannyaya  Sudha veiwed totally in a different view point. I have recorded the discourses. The file is too big to be sent as an attachment. Can somebody suggest an alternative. 

Moreover, it was a pleasure to take pictures of the event in divya sannidhi of great yathis. The photos can be viewed at:



--Thanks & Regards,Badrinath Waiker+91 96209 68666

-- parameshvara bhaktirnAma niravadhika ananta anavadya kalyANaguNatva GYAnapUrvakaHsvAtmAtmIya samasta vastubhyo aneka guNAdhiko antarAya sahasrenApya pratibaddo nirantara premapravAhaH ------------- a verse from Nyaya Sudha

Devotion to the Lord is that continuously surging flood of deep love & attachment to the Lord of the Universe, which is impregnable by any amount of obstacles encountered in its march. It should be of such a quality & texture as would transcend all other forms of love which one may bear towards one's own self, or to his nearest & dearest ones in life, or to his most cherished possessions. It should be founded on an unshakable intellectual & emotional conviction in the Majesty of the Lord- as the embodiment of all spiritual excellences.

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