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Quiz on Hanumantha devaru

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ಬà³à²¦à³à²§à²¿à²°à³à²¬à²²à²‚ ಯಶೋಧೈರà³à²¯à²‚ ನಿರà³à²­à²¯à²¤à³à²µà²‚ ಅರೋಗತಾಂ |

ಅಜಾಡà³à²¯à²‚ ವಾಕà³à²ªà²Ÿà²¤à³à²µà²‚ಚ ಹನೂಮತೠಸà³à²®à²°à²£à²¾à²¤à³ ಭವೇತೠ|

ಮನೋಜವಂ ಮಾರà³à²¤ ತà³à²²à³à²¯à²µà³‡à²—ಂ

ಜಿತೇಂದà³à²°à²¿à²¯à²‚ ಬà³à²¦à³à²§à²¿à²®à²¤à²¾à²‚ ವರಿಷà³à²Ÿà²‚ |

ವಾತಾತà³à²®à²œà²‚ ವಾನರ ಯೂಥಮà³à²–à³à²¯à²‚

ಶà³à²°à³€à²°à²¾à²®à²¦à³‚ತಂ ಸà³à²®à²°à²£à²‚ ಪà³à²°à²ªà²¦à³à²¯à³‡ ||click for hanumanta devara photos



What is the birth day for Hanumanta devaru?Where does Rama Meet Hanuman first?Who is the mother of Hanuman?Who is the father of Hanuman?On which River's bank did the first conversation between Hanuman and Ramachandra took place?Hanuman was the Chief Minister of which King?Who

reminded Hanuman that he can leap over the ocean and reach Lanka?]Who tried to stop Hanuman and hit him when tried to catch Surya?Which mountain did rose up from the sea to assist Hanuman on his way to Lanka?Which "Kanda" in Ramayana tells us about "Sundaratva" of Hanuman?Which daitye came to stop Hanuman from reaching Lanka?Which daitya pulled Hanumantha devaru's shadow and tried to eat?Where was Sita when Hanumanta saw her?What was the proof which Hanumantha showed to Sitadevi proving his Ramasevakatva?In which of his grantha does Srimadacharyaru to tell about Hanumantha Devaru? and his shrestatva?Who has installed more number of Hanumantha idols?Where is the maximum number of Hanumantha idols available?Which was the "Astra" for which Hanumantha devaru gave respect and surrendered, even though he was capable of defeating that astra?What is the "Devaranama" made by Purandaradasaru which narrates the dialogue between Ravana and Hanuman?What was the punishment given by Ravana to Hanuman after their dialogue?What was the jewel which

Hanuman carried from Sita Maate to show Raama that he has met Sita? What is the name of the mountain which Hanuman brought to save Lakshmana and others?Hanuman was there in Mahabharata Yuddha. In what form?What is the No of Lakshanaas that vayudevaru has?What is the Kakshya of Hanumanta Devaru?Where

is Hanumantha Devaru now?There is one pranadevaru installed by Rayaru. Which is it?What is the difference between Hanumajjayanthi and Hanumadvratha?When is Hanumadvratha celebrated?Who composed the song - "Jayavayu Hanumantha, Jayabheema Balavantha"?Who among the sons of Ravana - Indrajith and

Akshayakumara was killed by Hanumantha devaru?When did Bheemasenadevaru met Hanumantha Devaru?Who is the gurugalu for Hanumantha devaru?When is Hanumad Jayanthi celebrated?Sri Vyasarajaru has installed Hanumantha Devaru in Hampi. What is the name of that idol called?Furnish different names of

HanumanFurnish famous Hanumantha kshetraas. 38. Where is this Hanumantha Devaru?39. Where is this Hanuman vigraha?40. Where is the below Hanuma, bheema Madhwa vigraha?


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ವಾಯà³à²œà³€à²µà³‹à²¤à³à²¤à²®, ಪಂಚಭೇದ, ತಾರತಮà³à²¯à²¨à²°à²¹à²°à²¿à²¸à³à²®à²§à³à²µ (9916904341) Narahari Sumadhwa




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