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Sri Sundara Kanda Nirnaya- MBTN- Verses 32-34

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  shrI hari vAyu gurubhyO namaH


 Translation by Scholars of Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai


athAstramuttamaM vidheryuyoja sarvadushhshhaham.h |

sa tena tADito harirvyachintayannirAkulaH || 7-32||


Word to word meaning:

atha = Then

yuyoja = he employed

vidheH = Brahma's

uttamaM = most powerful

astraM = missile (Brahmastra)

sarva duHsahaM = which nobody could overcome

tADitaH = Hit

tena = by that weapon

sa hariH = Hanuman

nirAkulaH = without any panic

vyachintayat.h = thought as follows



Indrajit as a last resort, decided to launch the hallowed weapon Brahma astra to kill Hanuman.

Unaffected by this astra even a little bit, Hanuman began to think about it thus.


Explanatory Notes:

Normally no body could withstand Brahma astra including Rudra, but Hanuman being the future

Brahma bhAvibrahma could nullify it with ease.


mayA varA vilaN^ghitA hyanekashaH svayambhuvaH |

sa mAnanIya eva me tato.atra mAnayAmyaham.h || 7-33||

ime cha kuryuratra kiM prahR^ishhTaraxasAM gaNAH |

itIha laxyameva me sa rAvaNashcha dR^ishyate || 7-34||


Word to word meaning:

hi = indeed

varAH = the boons

svayambhuvaH = granted by Brahma (to others)

vilaN^ghitAH = were violated

mayA = by me

anekashaH = several times

saH = Brahma

mAnanIya eva = is certainly to be honored

me = by me (now).

tataH = therefore

atra = in this context

aham.h = I shall

mAnayAmi = respect him (by submitting myself to the Brahmastra)

iha = Here

me laxyameva = my goal here is only

kiM = what

ime cha = these

prahR^ishhTaraxasAM gaNAH = overjoyed Rakshasa crowds

atra = here

kuryuH = are going to do

sa rAvaNaH cha = and (by this act of mine) even Ravana

dR^ishyate = can be seen by me

iti = This is how he thought



Indeed, many of the boons granted by Brahma (to these rAxasa-s) were violated by me several

times (by killing them). Chaturmukha Brahma is certainly to be honored by me (now). Therefore,

here in this context, I shall respect him (by submitting myself to the Brahmastra).

By my doing so (my becoming bound to BrahmAstra), what can these overjoyed Rakshasa crowds

do to me? [On the other hand] in this manner, Ravana can be seen by me.


Explanatory notes:

Although Vayu & Brahma are equal in many respects, though Hanuman nullified the boons

sanctioned by Brahma several times, this time he submitted to it. Ravana sena on catching him

would take him to Ravana that will enable him to have an audience with Ravana.

Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya virachita Sundara Kanda Nirnaya

Published by

Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha(Regd)

1395, 31st street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar

Chennai 600 078

Phone # 044-24740049

 shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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