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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-31

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  irutiharu nAstyadasraru

niruR^itiyu yamadhaRma yama kiM

kararu mEdini kAlamR^ityu shanaishcharAdigaLu

karesikoMbaru shUdrareMdana

varata shUdraroLipparivaroLa

garavidUraniruddhanihaneMdaritu mannipudu...HKAS_05-31


nAstyadasraru = ashvinI dEvata-s called nAsatya and dasra

irutiharu = are present

niruR^itiyu = niruR^iti as the guard in nairutya (South-West direction)   

yamadhaRma = yamadhaRmarAja

yama kiMkararu = yama dUta-s

mEdini = abhimAni dEvata for bhUmi

kAlamR^ityu = mR^ityu dEvata (death at the appropriate time)

shanaishcharAdigaLu = shanaishchara dEvata and others

anavarata = always

shUdrareMdu = abhimAni dEvata for shUdra-s

shUdraroLipparu = in shUdra-s

ivaroLu = in these dEvata-s

aravidUra = dOsha vidUra (far away from dOsha-s)

aniruddhanu = aniruddha ParamAtma

ihaneMdaritu = that He (aniruddha ParamAtma) exists

mannipudu = perform pUja


In this stanza, JagannAtha dAsa explains the abhimAni dEvata-s in shUdra-s and the niyAmaka in those dEvata-s.


nAstya and dasra are the twin ashvini dEvata-s. dEvavaidya is the tatvAbhimAni dEvata for the nose (nAsikEMdra) and accepts gaMdha (aroma). ashvini dEvata-s and kubEra are at equal level. kubEra is the abhimAni dEvata for vaishya-s whereas ashvini dEvata-s are the abhimAni dEvata-s for shUdra-s.


niraR^iti is the guard in the nairutya (South-West direction) and the abhimAni dEvata for for shUdra-s. niraR^iti is a dEvata although he is a born daitya (just like prahlada, vibhIShaNa, balichakravaRti)


nyAya dEvata i.e yamadhaRmarAya is the abhimAni dEvata for shUdra-s


yama dUta-s are also the abhimAni dEvata-s for shUdra-s


mEdini (bhUdEvi) is the abhimAni dEvata for bhUtatva. shUdra-s were born from the feet of the virADrUpi puruSha nAmaka ParamAtma. bhUdEvi is the abhimAni dEvata for shUdra-s.


When life ends for a person, mR^ityu dEvata takes away our life. mR^ityu dEvata (i.e. kAlamR^ityu) is the abhimAni dEvata for shUdra-s.


shanaishchara is the abhimAni dEvata for shUdra-s.


These dEvata-s are the abhimAni dEvata-s for shUdra-s and make the shUdra-s perform tasks as per their vaRNa.


JagannAtha dAsa opines that dOsha vidUra aniruddha ParamAtma is the niyAmaka for them for these above dEvata-s. We should meditate so.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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