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shrI Sundara kanda Nirnaya- MBTN- Verses 29-31

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  shrI hari vAyu gurubhyO namaH


 Translation by Scholars of Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai



sa chakravad.h bhramAturaM vidhAya rAvaNAtmajam.h |

apothayad.h dharAtaLe xaNena mArutI tanuH || 7-29||


Word to word meaning:

saH mArutItanuH = Hanuman, the son of Vayu

vidhAya = having made

rAvaNa AtmajaM = the son of Ravana (Aksha)

bhrama AturaM = go round & round

chakravat.h = like a wheel

apothayat.h = threw him

dharAtaLe = to the ground

xaNena = in a moment



Hanuman caught hold of Aksha, & whirled him round & round violently like a wheel & threw him

on to the ground in a fraction of a second.


Explanatory Notes:

Aksha's body crumbling into pieces on throwing on to the ground suggests the great strength of


It is to be noted that this Aksha later on is to be born as Lakshana, one of the sons of Duryodhana.


vichUrNite dharAtaLe nije sute sa rAvaNaH |

nishamya shokatApitastadagrajaM samAdishat.h || 7-30||


Word to word meaning:

nije sute = When his son

vichUrNite = was smashed

dharAtale = on the ground

rAvaNaH = Ravana

nishamya = heard about it

shoka tApitaH = & was afflicted with grief

saH = He

samAdishat.h = ordered

tat.h agrajaM = Aksha's elder brother (Indrajit) to fight



Ravana was afflicted with grief on hearing that his second son Aksha had been pulverized and

killed. So, he decided to send Aksha's elder brother (Indrajit) to fight with Hanuman.


athendrajinmahAsharairvarAstrasamprayojitaiH |

tataxa vAnarottamaM na chAshakad.h vichAlane || 7-31||


Word to word meanings:

atha = Then

indrajit.h = Indrajit

tataksha = attacked

vAnara uttamaM = the mighty monkey

mahAsharaiH = with powerful arrows

vara astra saMprayojitaiH = which were backed by great missiles (mantras)

na cha = but he was not

ashakat.h = able to

vichAlane = move (shake) him



Indrajit with his powerful weapons attacked Hanuman (vAnarottamam) the highest among the

monkeys but could not shake him.


Explantory Notes:

Indrajit like his brother Aksha came to fight with Hanuman but in vain. It is to be understood that

even Rudra & other devathas, the bestowers of boons on them could not overpower Hanuman.


Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya virachita Sundara Kanda Nirnaya

Published by

Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha(Regd)

1395, 31st street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar

Chennai 600 078

Phone # 044-24740049

 shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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