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naalwattu mooru padaMgaLu Samparpane-Part 18 -Shri Vijayadasaru Series

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mooru padaMgaLu Samparpane


based on incidents of Chippagiri Nilaya Shri Vijayadasaru



Part – 18


:20-12-1740- Roudri Nama Samvastre- Somavasare Pushya Krishna


Shree Vijayadasaru standing before the Bedi Anjaneya “Oh Vayu Deva you are very lucky that Lord

Sreenivasa has tied your hands with

handcuffs and he made you stand before him. For how many years you are standing

like this and still how many years you continue

to stand like this. You served Lord Sree

Rama in

Trethaya Yuga. You served the Lord Sree Krishna as Bhima in Dwapara yuga. You took birth as Sri Madhwacharya in Kaliyuga

and founder of Tatwavaada and made us to follow in your footsteps. You installed

Kadugolu Shree Krishna in Udupi. My Namaskarams to you, he Prostrated before

the Pranadevaru. After that he left for Lord Sreenivasa darshan.

Shri Vijayadasaru entered the

sanctum sanctorum. It is the NijaRoopa Darushana. Lord eyes are glowing and

with a sweet smile on his face this can

only visible for the Shri Vijayadasaru.

A Yellow colour robe is covered to the deity .His forehead applied with Nama. The Lord is feeling happy

about Shri Vijayadasaru who regularly visits him from the faraway distances. Dasaru

fingers touched the strings of the Tambori the sounds Govinda… Govinda of

Namasmarane of Narayana is resounding immediately

after the Govinda Govinda Vijaya Vittala sounds are commenced . The sound waves

are amusing to hear for the ears of the Haribhaktas who assembled there. This Tumboori

is tuned by his Gurugalu Shri Puranadaradasaru

at that time when he is presenting to Shri Vijayarayaru from that time

dasaru never tuned. Shri Vijayadasaru praises the Lord –“your are Sree

Rama who killed Ravana and safe guarded

the Seeta maate and made Vibheeshana as the king of Srilanka .You are the Lord

Shree Krishna who destoryed the Kouravas and protected the Pandavas. In the Krishna avatara you have did many Leelas. You have killed

a Poisonous snake Kalia. You have played a major role in Samudra Mathana. Hey

Venkatachalapathi You are the Sarvothama for all and you are only one Lord to fullfill

the desires of devotees who totally

surrenders to your Lotus Feet. At the time of marrying PadmavathiDevi you have taken loan of 14 lakhs Ramatanki (Ramatanki-Currency at time) from Kubera and still you are

repaying to him. According to the

instructions from you only the Tondamanu

Chakravarthi a Chola king who has

constructed a mammoth temple for you. Oh

Lord you are great and my namaskarams to

you. For me it is great opportunity to serve you in this Kaliyuga .


As the rush increases Shri

Vijayadasaru came out form the main

temple. After that he left to Purandara Mantapa

where he is staying . On that

night Shri Vijayadasaru thinking how to perform the Aradhane of his beloved

Guru Shri Purandara dasaru in Tirumala and

thinking about that he went to sleep.


In the wee hours there was big

sound in the Sky. Clouds are making loud noises There was a brightness around

that place . The doors are opened The Vaikuntapathi

standing with a smile on his eternal lips he wore Yellow colour pitambari on that

diamonds studded Vaidhyana. With a

Golden voice. He is adored with Shankha and Charka in his hands. Opened eyelids

and dark eye lashes. His eyes were

bright and they are specially meant to bless the devotees . Having blue colour

curly hair and with a beautiful face and having a kasturi tilaka. Wearing

golden Ear lobs . Hands are decorated with golden Kadaga(Bangle). His chest is

decorated with Vyajayanti Male and

various beautiful golden and diamond ornaments.


The Chandra(Moon) is hidden in the

clouds by seeing the Lord He came with running to see the Divya Swaroopa of

Lord Sreenivasa. It is a great occasion for the Chandra to see how the Lord

cares his Bhaktas and he is anxiously waiting to see how Lord sreenivasa act with his Priya

Bhakta Shri Vijayarayaru.


Slowly Lord Sreenivasa kept his

warm and smooth hands on the shoulder s

of the Shri Vijayarayaru with that Shri Vijayadasaru got up and dumbfounded by

seeing the Lord Presence and he got up immediately. He did prostration before

the Lord . The Lord with smile in his face He kept right hand on the head of

the Shri Vijayadasaru and saidâ€Oh priya Vijayaraya You must write

43 devaranama and you must do samparpane

to me.†He also given one Kolu(Stick) and disappeared in the

darkness (Here Stick resembles one Haribhakta generally carry this type of

stick walking in front of Pallakki

Ustava indicates that Lord is arriving

to give him way)


She vijayadasaru woke up and see

around he found no body and he literally

seen Lord himself appeared in his dreams

.. He felt happy and decided to write 43 devaranamas. The aradhane of Shri

Purandaradasaru was celebrated for Three days with great devotion . By doing

Parayana of Sarvamoola Granthas, Pravachanas by various pandits and also by singing Hari Nama Bhajans . Many Hari

Bhakathas are participated in the aradhane. It is clearly shows how shri

Vijayadasaru respects his beloved guru Shri Purandara dasaru. The Shri

Vijayadasaru completed 43 devaranamas and did samarpane to the Lord Sreenivasa

Lotus feet. While writing this devaranamas his age was 56 years. With this we

will come to know when Anugruha of Lord is there we can complete any difficult

tasks without any hurdles.

naalvattu moorupadaMgaLa maaDeMdu |

hELida hEmaadri shikharaakaarana kooDa ||

vaarasOma chaturdashikRuShNapuShyadi

eereetiyalli kaMDa iMdirEshana kooDa ||

roudrisaMvatsarada ardharaatriyalli

bhadramoorutiyaada bhavaharana kooDa ||

gurupuraMdarana upadEshabaladiMda

sirivijayaviThalana charaNa takkaisi




With the blessings from Hari Vayu

Gurugalu I close this

episode on the Seshagiri

Vasa Sreenivasa. I thank the HariBhakthas who helped me

in writing this episode. I brought this beautiful episode which

depicts great relationships between Lord Sreenivasa and the great Haridasa like

Shri Vijayarayara Prabhugalu before you . Send your feedback to vijayadasaru@ gmail.com


NOTE: “sulabha mooruti kRushna vijayaviThala ninna

Balavaada myaale anyara balavEno




ninage ninnaaLige balukeerti

odagi barutalide vijayaviThala kayo ||



Vijayadasara antargatha ShriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha

ShriKrishnarapanamas tu


Vijayadasaru Series continues……………

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