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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-28

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  vArijabhavAMDave sumaMTapa

mErugiri siMhAsanavu bhA

gIrathiye majjanavu digvastragaLu nuDi maMtra

bhUruhaja phalapuShpa gaMdha sa

mIra shashiravi dIpa bhUShaNa

tArakegaLeMdaRpisalu kaigoMDu mannisuva....HKAS_05-28


vArijabhavAMDava = BrahmAMDa - indicating the the sharIra of Brahma dEvaru

sumaMTapa = decorated seat at the top

mErugiri = mEru mountain

siMhAsanavu = throne for biMba rUpi ParamAtma

bhAgIrathiye = gaMga river

majjanavu = pure water for abhiShEka

digvastragaLu = ten directions- E, W, N, S, NE, NW, SE, SW, top & down

nuDi = our speech

maMtra = is vEda maMtra

bhUruhaja = the fruits grown on the plants/trees wich are nourished by mother Earth

phalapuShpa = fruits and flowers

samIra = the blowing breeze

gaMdha = aroma

ravi shashi = sURya - chaMdra

dIpa = are the two lamps

tArakegaLe = the stars

bhUShaNa = are ornaments

eMdaRpisalu = if we offer them to ParamAtma meditating as above

kaigoMDu = He would accept these as pUja

mannisuva = would forgive our mistakes and protect us.


'vAri' means water, 'ja' means Lotus flower that grows in water. When PadmanAbha rUpi ParamAtma was sleeping on xIra samudra, the golden Lotus flower shooting our from His navel had 14 petals and chatuRmukha Brahma was born there. He is also called hiraNyagaRbha. Also known as 'vArijabhava'. His sharira is the brahmAMDa. This vArijabhavAMDa is the decorated seat for ParamAtma.


The golden mEru mountain has a place called 'shatakOTi'which is the place of stay for Brahma. vAsudEva nAmaka ParamAtma is in that Brahma maMdira. Thats how JagannAtha dAsa calls the mEru giri as the siMhAsana for ParamAtma.


ParamAtma who has the BrahmAMDa as maMTapa and mEru as siMhAsana has gaMga for His abhiShEka.


The ten directions are the clothes for ParamAtma.


Our speech (whatever we speak) are the maMtra-s in His praise. ParamAtma pervades in all vaRNa-s and all shabda-s. Therefore all our speech is indeed maMtra.


The plants shooting out from the mother Earth are called 'bhUruha'. The fruits and flowers grown in these trees are offerings for ParamAtma.


The breeze blowing around must be considered as fragrant aroma.


The Sun and the Moon must be considered as two lamps for ParamAtma.


The shining stars in Space must be considered as various ornaments for ParamAtma.


When we offer the above as pUja, ParamAtma acepts the same and would not only forgive all our mistakes but also provide us salvation.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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