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Sri Sundara Kanda Nirnaya- MBTN- Verses 22- 24

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shrI hari vAyu gurubhyO namaH


 Translation by Scholars of Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai


punashcha mantriputrakAn.h sa rAvaNaprachoditAn.h |

mamarda sapta parvataprabhAn.h varAbhiraxitAn.h || 7-22||


Word to word meanings:

punashcha = further

saH = he

mamarda = crushed to death

mantriputrakAn.h = the sons of ministers

sapta = seven in number

rAvaNa prachoditAn.h = sent by Ravana

parvata prabhAn.h = they were like mountains &

vara abhiraxitAn.h = well protected by boons



Seven sons of ministers of Ravana's cabinet were crushed & killed by Hanuman. They were like

seven majestic mountains & were well protected by Brahma's & Siva's boons (varAbhiraxitAn.h)


balAgragAminastathA sa sharvavAksugarvitAn.h |

nihatya sarvaraxasAM tR^itIyabhAgamaxiNot.h || 7-23||


Word to word meaning:

saH = He (Hanuman)

vihatya = killed

bala agra gAminaH = those who were foremost in the army

sharva vAk.h sugarvitAn.h = and who were very haughty because of the boons

of Lord Siva

axiNot.h = destroyed

tR^itIya bhAgaM = one third of

savaraxasA = the entire Rakshasa army



Hanuman thus by killing the seven haughty sons of ministers & other warriors, reduced the army

to two third its number.


anaupamaM harerbalaM nishamya rAxasAdhipaH |

kumAramaxamAtmanaH samaM sutaM nyayojayat.h || 7-24||


Word to word meaning:

nishamya = Hearing about

balaM = the strength

hareH = of the monkey

anaupamaM = as something unparalleled

rAxasAdhipaH = the Rakshasa king, Ravana

nyayojayat.h = pressed into service

sutaM = his own son

AtmanaH samaM = who was equal to himself

kumAraM axaM = Aksha Kumara by name



Hearing of the incomparable & matchless strength of Hanuman, Ravana sent his son Aksha

Kumara, who was equal to Ravana in strength to nab Hanuman.


Explanatory Notes:

Aksha Kumara by being equated to Ravana suggests that he represents Ravana.At the same time,

killing Aksha Kumara by Hanuman also suggests that Hanuman could kill Ravana inspite of his




Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya virachita Sundara Kanda Nirnaya

Published by

Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha(Regd)

1395, 31st street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar

Chennai 600 078

Phone # 044-24740049


shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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