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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-26

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bhavavenipa vanadhiyOLu kaRma

pravahadoLu saMcharisutiha dE

hava sunAveya mADi tannavariMdoDagUDi

divasa divasagaLalli lakumI

dhavanu krIDipaneMdu chiMtise

pavananayya bhavAbdhi dATisi paramasukhavIva......HKAS_05-26


bhavavenipa = saMsAra

vanadhiyOLu = samudra

pravahadoLu = force of flow

kaRma = puNya & pApa kaRma-s

saMcharisutiha = move about

dEhava = paMchabhoutika dEha

sunAveya mADi = a boat

tannavariMda = tatavAbhimAni dEvata-s

oDagUDi = with them

divasa divasagaLalli = everyday

lakumIdhavanu = laxmIpati shrIman nArAyaNa

krIDipaneMdu = would play around

chiMtise = if we think so

pavananayya = Father of vAyu dEvaru i.e. shrIman nArAyaNa

bhavAbdhi = the ocean of saMsAra

dATisi = would cross us

paramasukha = mOxa

Iva = would give


In the ocean of births and deaths -  jIva, bound by liMga dEha moves about in various janma-s due to anAdi kaRma and is unable to cross this ocean. The flow of kaRma reaches the ocean of saMsAra -meaning good kaRma-s or bad kaRma-s are the reason for being in the ocean of saMsAra.


To the aprAkR^ita jIva, ParamAtma provides prAkr^ita guNa-s and ahaMkAra, mama etc.. and leaves them in the ocean of saMsAra. To cross this ocean we certainly need the kAruNya of ParamAtma. Our paMchabhoutika dEha is like a boat and ParamAtma is the Boatman, who would help us to cross this ocean of saMsAra. The sharIra comprises of 24 tatva-s. Existing in every tatva through the tatvAbhimAni dEvata-s, all kARya-s are performed via vAyu dEvaru as per His orders. Thus sitting in the boat (our dEha) through the tatvAbhimAni dEvata-s He does various kriya-s and makes us do the same. We must be conscious the laxmIramaNa shrIman nArAyaNa always exists in this boat (our dEha).


Those who think so, saMkaRShNa ParamAtma (sUtra nAmaka vAyu dEvaru was born during sUxma sR^iShTi by the grace of jayApati-saMkaRShNa) would help them to cross the ocean of saMsAra and help us in kaRma vimOchana and thus obtain mukti.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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