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shrI Sundarakanda Nirnaya- MBTN- Verses- 18-21

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shrI hari vAyu gurubhyO namaH


Translation by Scholars of Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai


athAshR^iNod.h dashAnanaH kapIndracheshhTitaM param.h |

didesha kiN^karAn.h bahUn.h kapirnigR^ihyatAmiti || 7-18||


Word to word meaning

atha = Thereafter

dashAnanaH = the ten headed one (Ravana)

ashR^iNod.h = heard about

paraM = atrocious

kapIndra cheShTitaM = activities of the mighty monkey &

didesha = ordered

bahUn.h = a large number of


kiN^karAN = his servants

iti = as follows

kapiH = the monkey

nigR^ihyatAM = let get caught

kapiH nigR^ihyatAM = let the monkey be caught



Ravana on hearing " through his 20 ears " that Askhoka vana was destroyed by a mighty monkey

ordered all his servants to catch him & present it before him.

Explanatory notes:

After knowing such great destruction, Ravana instead of evincing bhakthi, he became angry with

the monkey.


samastasho vimR^ityavo varAddharasya kiN^karAH |

samAsadan.h mahAbalam.h surAntarAtmano.aN^gajam.h || 7-19||\


Word to word meaning

kiN^karAH = His servants

vimR^ityavo = who had no (fear of ) death

varAd = due to the boon of

harasya = Lord Siva

samAsadan.h = approached

mahAabalaM = the powerful

aN^gajam.h = son

sura + antarAtmanaH = of vAyu, the indweller of the celestials

samastashaH = from all directions



All the servants who had no fear of death due to the boon granted by Lord Siva, went to bring

Hanuman, the mighty son of Vayu who is the inner controller of all the devathas including Lord



Explanatory Notes:

The Rakshasas not with standing their boon from Siva who had fallen on him were killed by

Hanuman who is the inner controller of all the devas including Siva.


ashItikoTiyUthapaM purassarAshhTakAyutam.h |

anekahetisaN^kulaM kapIndramAvR^iNod.h balam.h || 7-20||


Word to word meaning:

ashIti koTi yUthapam = consisting of 80 crore chieftains;

purassara = along with;

ashhTakAyutam.h = 80,000 warriors (8 times 10,000)

aneka heti sankulaM = carrying many kinds of weapons

AvaNAt.h = surrounded

KapIndraM = the great monkey (Hanuman)



An army of 80 crore chieftains & 80000 warriors armed with various kinds of weapons were sent

to kill Hanuman. Such a powerful army surrounded the lonely Hanuman, the great Kapeendra.


Explanatory notes:

The sending of such a huge army with weapons to catch Hanuman suggests Ravana's fear that if

left unchecked, he could do more harm.


samAvR^itastathA.a.ayudhaiH sa tADitashcha tairbhR^isham.h |

chakAra tAn.h samastashastaLaprahArachUrNitAn.h || 7-21||


Word to word meanings:

saH = And he (Hanuman)

taThA = thus

samAvR^itaH = surrounded

bhR^isham.h = completely

taiH = by them, and

tADitaH = attacked

AyudhaiH = with weapons

chakAra = made

tAn.h = them

tala - prahAra - chUrNitAn.h = pulverized by blows with his palms

samastashaH = completely



Although the army surrounded him with weapons of all kinds, Hanuman with his palm (Tala

prahara) crushed them to powder.


Explanatory notes:

tairbhR^isham.h does not mean that Hanuman was greatly beaten, it means that their touching

Hanuman is akin to an elephant being beaten with a flower garland. Also it means that they made

full effort from their side, but it was futile on Hanuman as he is vajrasharIra.


Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya virachita Sundara Kanda Nirnaya

Published by

Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha(Regd)

1395, 31st street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar

Chennai 600 078

Phone # 044-24740049


shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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