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Discourse: Bhagavadgita Ch18-Sri Bannanje Govindacharya -March11

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j~jAnaM karma cha kartA cha tridhaiva guNa bhEdataH|

prOcyatE guNa saMkhyAnE yathAvacchRuNu tAnyapi||18.19||


sarvabhUtEShu yEnaikaM bhAvaM avyayaM IkshatE|

avibhaktaM vibhaktEShu tajj~jAnaM viddhi sAtvikaM||18.20||


pRuthaktvEna tu yajj~jAnaM nAnAbhAvAn pRuthagvidhaM|

vEtti sarvEShu bhUtEShu tajj~jAnaM viddhi rAjasaM||18.21||



Please find attached the first of the lecture series on the bhagavadgita, 18th Chapter  by pUjya Sri.Bannanje Govindacharya that is currently going on at Poorna Prajna Vidya Peetha, Kattiraguppe, Bangalore. The current series begins with verse 19 of the 18th chapter.

This session was held on 11th March 2010.

The two files sent in the previous mail are of the second session and not the first as mentioned. I apologise for the confusion. Kindly note the serial number of the files for the right order.



Audio file and recording courtesy: Sri. Kaddi Raghuttamachar


Ongoing program of pUjya Sri.Bannanje Govindacharya:

Topic: Bhagavadgita 18th Chapter

Venue: Poorna Prajna Vidya Peetha, Kattiraguppe, Bangalore

11th to 20th March 2010

Time: 6.40PM





1 of 1 File(s)






441-GEETHA-18A-19_22SL-BNJG 110310.rm

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