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Shri Mohana Vittala-Part 17 Shri Vijayadasaru Series

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Shri Mohana Vittala


based on incidents of Chippagiri Nilaya Shri Vijayadasaru



Part – 17

Hampi: Shri Vijayadasaru , Shri Gopaladasaru along with Mohana and other

Sishyas assembled at the Purandaramantapa to perform the aradhane of his beloved

shri Purandaradasaru . The aradhane was celebrated for Three days with great

devotion . By doing Parayana of Sarvamoola Granthas, Pravancachas by various

pandits and also by singing Hari Nama

Bhajans . There will be many Hari Bhakathas are participating the aradhane.

From there they left for Shri Vyasarajara Pratishtapita Yantrodharaka Mukhya

Pranadevaru and took blessings. After that they left for Navabrindavana.


Navabrindavana: Navabrindavana is a small island situated in the TungaBhadra River near Anegundi. This land is ruled

by many famous kings like Sri Krishnadevaraya. This is one of the noteworthy

and sacred places for the Madhwas. This is the great splendid and stupendous

Nine Madhwa Yathigalu resides in this lonely calm island. The Island

is very delightfully surrounded by gigantic

Mountains and the Tundgabhadra river is flowing slowly and calmly which

is similar to reciting lord Vishnu

names. This place is also known as “Kishikindaâ€. This is popularly known as Navabrindavana

because Nine Madhwa Yathigala Brindavanas

are present. The first Brindavana was Shri Padmanaabha teertharu

and Shri Sudheendra teerthara Brindavana

was the ninth one and the last one, which was done by Shri Raghavendra



Shri Vijayadasaru along with

Mohana and his Shishyas reached the Navabrindavana in the early morning. The Sun rays are

falling on the flowing water the water is shining like sliver. Shri Vijayadasaru, Mohana along with shishyas took bath in the river. They are all

finished the Sandhyavandane and devarapooje

.. The Sishaya are arranging for the Teertha Prasada.


Shri Vijayadasaru took Shri

Mohanadasaru to the Brindavana of the Shri Padmanabha Thirtharu who is the next

successor of the Shri Madhwacharya he is the first Madhwa yathi to enter brindavana in this Navabrindavana.

Shri Vijayadasaru requested Sri Padmanabha thirtharu to bless his adopted son

Mohana. After that they both did pradakshinas

to the brindavana and offered the Hastodaka to the Shri Padmanabha thirtharu

and prostrated before the brindavana.


Shri Vijayadasaru offered the

Hastodaka to all the other Madhwa Yathigalu brindvanas. Literally all the

Yathigalu are present in the brindavanas and they are all felt happy that Aparosksha

Jnani Shri Vijayadasaru came to visit them. After that Shri Vijayadasru and

Mohana stand before the brindavana of Shri Vyasarajaru for minute the one of

the great Madhwa yathi who is dearly loved disciple of Shri Shri Padarajaru and who has ruled the Vijayanagar Empire. His great association with Tirumala Thimmappa

who had an opportunity to serve him for 12 years. Slowly words are coming out

from the brindavana saying Oh Vijayadasare today I am happy to see you and

accompanying Mohana he is shaping very well

under your leadership well but you did not full fill your main duty in

giving dasa diskha to him . In future , he is bringing the name for the Shri

Madhwa philosophy and also to you. The words heard by Aparoksha Jnanis like

Shri Gopaladasru felt proud of his gurugalu Shri Vijayadasaru. After that shri Vijayadasaru said “Yathigale for this reason only I came all

along with you for the “Apaneâ€(permission)

and all these years I am waiting for this great opportunity .Today I am

happy and content because I got permission from your side to do ankita pradana

to my son Mohana. They prostrated before the Brindavana of Shri



After that Shri Vijayadasaru took Mohana to the banks he

made him to take bath. After that he

came and stand before the brindvanas and Shri Vijayadasaru went into meditation

for minutes and prayed the Lord Shri Hari and his gurugalu and took blessings

from them. After that he gave the Ankita as “Mohana Vittala “to Mohana. This

incident written by Mohanadasaru in one his Kruthigalu on Shri Vijayadasaru. From

that day onwards Mohana became Mohanadasaru and he has written many devaranamas.

He has written many kruthigalu on dasaru. His Kolu-haaDu is famous one among

them. Shri Mohanadasaru is lucky to have a Shri Vijayadasaru as a Guru as well

as his father that’s why he has praised Shri Vijayadasaru in many of his

kruthis of his one only beloved master. Mohanadasaru also took blessings from

Shri Vijayadasaru and Shri Gopaladasaru by prostrating before them . Shri

Mohanadasaru heart is filled with happy and his eyes are became wet that shri

Hari has given a great gift to him in the form of Shri Vijayadasaru. After that

they are all had a Teertha prasada .

It’s a joy movements for every one who assembled there that one more

Haridasa known as Shri Mohandasaru who

is moulded by Shri Vijayadasaru.

Ninna Paadava Nambhi Anyarashraya


Channa Guru Vijayaraya……..

With the blessings

from Hari Vayu Gurugalu I

close this episode on the “Mohana Vittala†Shri Mohanadasaru and one of great Haridasa. I thank the HariBhakthas who helped me

in writing this episode. I brought this beautiful episode which

depicts great relationships between master and the disciple before you . Send

your feedback to vijayadasaru@ gmail.com.


Note: Shri Mohanadasaru became more beloved one to shri

Vijayadasaru which is well known by “.Bhatiyalli bhaagaNNa yuktiyallli

mOhanna……a proverb


Vijayadasara antargatha ShriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha

ShriKrishnarapanamas tu


Vijayadasaru Series continues……………



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